Babysitter and baby burnt to ashes

The babysitter was helplessly carrying the baby and was burnt to ashes.

Fire men arrived 20 minutes later but could not save them.

The fire destroyed everything.

According to eyewitnesses at the scene, they could not do anything as their fence was locked.

They tried their best and eventually broke the gate but was late as the fire was already engulfed the house.

They (neighbours) only managed to pull out a child from the burning house and rushed him to the St John Clinic at Gerehu stage 2.

Australian set himself on fire in Melbourne bank, police say

Six of them are in critical condition, while others suffered from burns and smoke inhalation - including children.

Police said the suspect walked into a Commonwealth Bank branch in the suburb of Springvale and set himself alight with a flammable liquid.

Police quickly detained the man who was sent to hospital for treatment while under police guard.

Acting inspector Jackie Poida from Victoria Police told reporters that it was "too early to tell" what the man's motives were.

FedEx cargo plane burns at Fort Lauderdale airport

Video shot by an onlooker at the airport showed a fireball exploding out of the damaged aircraft and recorded the startled cries of people watching.

The pilot and copilot escaped harm using a rope ladder on the right side of the aircraft, according to Mike Jachles of Broward Sheriff Fire Rescue. No members of the ground crews were hurt, he added.

The fire occurred after the plane's landing gear collapsed as it touched ground, the FAA said. The Boeing MD-10 was operating as Flight 910 from Memphis, Tennessee, where FedEx is based.

Battersea industrial estate hit by major fire

Trains have been delayed because of the fire in London's Battersea, just metres away from Clapham Junction station.

Fire crews were called at about 21:00 BST to Parkfield Industrial Estate, where flames were leaping above the rooftops alongside the railway line.

Southern Trains warned of delays on trains across the whole of its network, with services running at reduced speed.


Ninety emergency calls

Report soon on Malaoro fire

He would not comment on the cause of the fire, adding that the report is anticipated to be released soon.

Meantime, NCD Fire Commander Akia Koia says that investigations are going well despite being halted initially to deal with rioters.

Investigations continue at Malaoro

The delay was a result of reported looting on Wednesday by opportunists at Malaoro wanting to take out food stuff from the scene.

NCD Fire Chief Akia Koia says that he will need to do initial interviews with staff at the store as well.

Malaoro fire investigation to start tomorrow

Fire fighters who were at the scene say it is likely the fire may have started at the top part of the store’s warehouse.

The cause of the fire remains unknown.

One official at the Boroko Fire station said firemen carried out a defensive, which means they remained outside the premises to manage and distinguish the flames.

Helicopter pilot dies fighting New Caledonia fire

Last night a rescue operation was underway to recover the victim who was helping to douse the flames of a fire at Voh in the north of the territory.

Homes were evacuated and the main highway was cut on Sunday when fire engulfed bush in the area.

About 200 hectares of vegetation was burnt and about 20 homes threatened.

Three helicopters were brought in to help fight the fire which also involved security personnel who led convoys of motorists to safety.

Fire at Saudi oil company residential complex kills 7

The early morning blaze happened in a residential compound known as Radium in the eastern city of Khobar. It is used by the state oil giant Saudi Aramco, which oversees petroleum production in the OPEC powerhouse.

The company said an investigation has begun into the cause of the fire.

Fire destroys two shops in Kimbe

Police reports claim a fire started at one of the shops and then spread to the other, destroying  the shops.

It started inside the Welcome Trading premises and rapidly spread to Kakaruk Trading as well.

The Kimbe Fire Service was alerted by police in the morning on Thursday but ran out of water to hose down the flames.

Another two buildings,  the Wal mart Shop and Able Computing, who share with Police Savings and Loans office, were saved from the fire.

Police were on full alert after the fire, controlling possible looters and opportunistists.