Financial literacy

Market vendors learn how to save

The women, who are part of the Widows Association based in Waigani, are mainly market vendors and earn their income through the sale of vegetables and cooked food at the main markets. 

They were taken through basics in budgeting, savings & mobile money and banking education by Bank South Pacific.

Association President, Maria Unde, said the information was very helpful and will make a difference for them who don’t have a regular and fixed income.

Strategy to look at SME financial literacy

Following the launching of the Second National Financial Inclusion Strategy 2016 – 2020 yesterday, Bank of PNG Governor, Loi Bankani, said SMEC was an important stakeholder in the financial inclusion exercise and have been considered in the plan.

He said it was a Government priority to boost the SME sector in PNG and has been identified as a key element of their strategies.

The NFIS 2016- 2020 identifies SME Finance as a ‘Strategic Objective’ number six with an access to and usage of finance SME’s.

This is done through:

BPNG and Oxfam drive financial literacy in Highlands

A memorandum of understanding  (MoU) was signed last Friday Nov 25, by the Assistant Governor of the Bank of PNG, Ellison Pidik and David Shields, the Livelihoods Manager from Oxfam to carry out the project.

Speaking at the occasion, Shields said the Financial Literacy trainings cover budgeting and saving for families’ lik-lik businesses, including gardening sales.

“With these skills, families will be able to plan better for their financial futures, and achieve their financial goals”.

1000 women graduated with financial literacy

They are participants of the Givim Han Long Laip Projek, rolled out this year, throughout Port Moresby, from Hanuabada all the way to Gerehu.

According to Felisa Inoino Avou, a trainer and pioneer WIB, the two-today course covered basic awareness of family budgeting, how to sell and to bank to save for the long term.

Avou said majority of the women participants were illiterate which made this particular course roll-out unique from other similar projects.

150 locals to graduate from financial literacy training

Thanks to the Ginigoada Bisnis Development Foundation, 82 females and 68 males will graduate in business studies and awareness skills at the village hall in two days' time.

The participants’ ages range from 14 to 67 years old.

The oldest of the lot, Nari Kamdring, told Loop PNG that after attending the two-week course, she is determined to start her own business.

“One highlight I learnt was to have a goal in any form of business you do. Only that will drive your business successfully.”

BPNG to reduce unbanked population

BPNG governor Bakani said the central bank aims to roll out financial inclusive programs around the country to reduce the large percentage of unbanked population.

“With the help of these programs, we will reduce the figure from 80 to below 50 percent in the near future because our financial inclusion programs are implemented in the country through banks and financial institutions,” Bakani said during the opening of a two-day financial exposition in Mt Hagen last Friday.