Ferdinand Marcos

Marcos: Former Philippines dictator buried at Heroes' Cemetery

The leader, who was ousted and forced into exile in 1986, died in the US in 1989. He had been embalmed and on display in his home city of Batac.

His burial follows a decision by the Supreme Court to allow him to be moved to the cemetery.

There have been protests against honouring a man blamed for thousands of killings, tortures and abductions.

Philippines court grants Ferdinand Marcos a hero's burial

The decision follows months of protests, with many saying that Marcos' record of corruption and rights abuses meant he should not be interred there.

Nine judges voted in favour of the burial, with five against the decision.

President Rodrigo Duterte had announced plans for the move shortly after his election in May.

In August, he gave the initial go-ahead for the body to be buried in the National Heroes' Cemetery in Manila, calling Marcos a "Filipino soldier".