Fego Kiniafa

Sports For Vaccination Awareness

The EHPHA Chairman, Fego Kiniafa and team recently visited the Ketaboro hauslain in Unggai/Bena District to launch the community games.

The sports activity covers young people from all eight districts of Eastern Highlands for community sports, during which awareness and advocacy for COVID-19 vaccination will take place.

This sports activities, which started in December 2021 and is currently in progress. The community is involved in volleyball, basketball and touch footy with official support from the EHPH.

ECO donates to Watabung Health Centre

The Lae based Eastern Highlands Company manufactures and sells houses.

While this is not the first time they are doing a project in Eastern Highlands, it is perhaps one of the first charity gesture which cost a large sum of money.

Eco-Housing PNG Managing Director John Kaupa Harro said, “The house is valued at K200,000 and plus other costs it will go up to K250,000. That’s the cost we are willing to meet for the people of Eastern Highlands, for the people of Watabung.”

PNGPCL plans for Daru Wharf

However, there is hope on the horizon, as PNG Ports Corporation finally takes steps towards refurbishing the wharf and the causeway.

PNG Ports Corporation Managing Director, Fego Kiniafa said the condition of Daru Wharf deteriorated over the years purely because it was not a viable money making port.  He explained that money is usually spent where there is a good return.

“In terms of initiatives for Daru, we are fully aware of the current debilitated state of the wharf itself,” Kiniafa said.

Kiniafa Is EHPHA Chairman

Fego Otta Kiniafa was officially sworn in as EHPHA Board Chairman, who replaced late Sir Malcolm Kela Smith, who passed away late last year.

In a swearing in ceremony held in Goroka recently, Mr Kiniafa thanked the EHPHA for considering and making him Board Chairman.  

Mr Kiniafa said he is ready to work with the management to deliver health services to more than 800,000 people across the province.