Federal government

Provinces agree to federal government in Solomon Islands

In a meeting with prime minister Manasseh Sogavare on Friday, premiers of the nine provinces and the mayor of the capital Honiara signed an agreement to pursue the introduction of a federal system of government.

The idea for a federal constitution and a new system of government has been supported by successive Solomon Islands governments for almost a decade now.

But Mr Sogavare's administration is the first to make its adoption a priority.

Obama, Democratic leaders huddle as shutdown threat looms

A partial shutdown will occur Oct. 1 unless lawmakers provide money to keep the federal government functioning. A few weeks later, Congress likely will need to vote to raise the debt ceiling so that the government can borrow money to meet its existing financial commitments.

Obama's meeting with Sen. Harry Reid and Rep. Nancy Pelosi occurs as the Senate's top Republican, Sen. Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, is promising that there will be no government shutdown. 

Government demanding Lance Armstrong's medical records

Court records show that government lawyers subpoenaed the Indiana University School of Medicine on July 30 to provide records of Armstrong's treatments and donations he later made to the school.

The demand came in the government's lawsuit to recover millions of dollars in sponsorship money the U.S. Postal Service paid to Armstrong's teams from 1998-2004. Penalties could approach $100 million.

Accused church shooter wants to know framework of govt case

Attorneys for Dylann Roof on Monday filed motions in federal court seeking access to any statements their client has made to authorities, as well as physical evidence and summaries of any proposed expert witnesses expected to testify.

Roof faces dozens of federal charges including hate crimes and obstruction of the practice of religion related to the June 17 killings at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston.