Fuel prices increase in February

The Independent Consumer & Competition Commission (ICCC) announced the new prices which come into effect today.

Petrol now costs 323.49 (K3.24) toea per litre (tpl) after increasing by 7.08 toea from 316.41 tpl (K3.16).

Diesel is selling for 262 tpl (K2.62) after rising by 6.76 toea from 255.24 tpl (K2.55).

And Kerosene is going for 248.04 tpl (K2.48) following a 3.89 toea increase from 244.15 tpl (K2.44).

Kombra urges school heads to start on time

The purpose of the visits are to gather relevant information and provide appropriate advice to head teachers, principals and teachers in-charge of elementary, primary high and secondary schools, national high schools, FODE and vocational centres, teachers’ and technical colleges.

“Your presence in the schools, vocational and FODE Centres, technical and teachers colleges is vital because you will be required to collect essential information about individual schools, centres and colleges that you have been assigned to visit during the two weeks,” said Kombra.