Imbonggu sees success in SME projects

Imbonggu’s first successful poultry layer farmer, Resi Kupa has said that people should not wait and expect their MPs and government to do everything for them.

Kupa told of his own egg layer project, which he started in January 2013 in a bush material building with three boxes containing 156 layers.

In 2015, he was assisted with K20,000 by the IDDA enabling the egg farmer to increase his layers to 300 producing between 16 and 18 dozens of eggs each day supply Mendi town and local markets.

Rio 2016: Quotes of the Games

Following two weeks of thrilling sports action, we take a look at some of the more memorable quotes from Rio 2016.


Words to inspire

Rio 2016: The moments that made the Games

While Rio 2016 endured more than its fair share of problems, the Games produced some iconic moments of sporting greatness that will live long in the memory.

From Neymar's penalty that lifted a nation, to Usain Bolt's 'treble treble' and Michael Phelps' 23rd gold, here we bring you 10 standout highlights.