US watchdog to probe FBI Clinton email actions

FBI director James Comey's decision to reopen an investigation into Hillary Clinton's email server 11 days before the election shook up the race.

The Department of Justice (DoJ) Inspector General Michael Horowitz said he would look into "certain actions" by the FBI and DoJ.

Mrs Clinton was cleared of any wrongdoing days before the US voted.

Her campaign team has blamed the FBI announcement as a key factor why she lost the election to Donald Trump.

Brad Pitt 'will not be charged' after FBI investigation

The Oscar winner had been accused of mistreating son Maddox, 15, on board a private flight from France to Los Angeles.

Angelina Jolie filed for divorce soon afterwards and is seeking sole custody of their six children.

Social workers investigating the same claim cleared Pitt two weeks ago.

The FBI said: "In response to allegations made following a flight... carrying Mr Brad Pitt and his children, the FBI has conducted a review of the circumstances and will not pursue further investigation.

"No charges have been filed in this matter."

Trump election: Clinton blames defeat on FBI director

James Comey's announcement of a new inquiry into her use of email while secretary of state shortly before election day had stopped her campaign's momentum, Mrs Clinton said.

The Democratic candidate was speaking to top party donors in a phone call, which was leaked to the media.

Protests are continuing against the victory of her rival, Donald Trump.

In New York, about 2,000 marchers headed for the skyscraper where the president-elect lives, shouting "not my president".

FBI operated 23 child porn websites to catch offenders, not just 1

The recently unsealed documents by the American Civil Liberties Union put light on the fact that FBI compromised 23 child porn websites on the Tor hidden services, commonly known as the darknet.

An affidavit, a part of the unsealed documents, hints that the FBI not only compromised the darknet websites but may have operated the same as a part of their investigation.

FBI clears Clinton -- again

"Based on our review, we have not changed our conclusions that we expressed in July," Comey wrote in the new letter to congressional committee chairmen.

Comey dropped a bombshell on the presidential race last month when he sent a letter to Congress saying the FBI had discovered emails in a separate investigation that could be connected to the now-closed probe of whether Clinton mishandled classified information. The move infuriated Democrats and emboldened Republican nominee Donald Trump.

Giuliani changes story on FBI

Earlier, he had suggested that he was told by FBI agents about the review before it became public.

Giuliani, a top Donald Trump surrogate and adviser, told CNN's Wolf Blitzer on "The Situation Room" Friday that the FBI's announcement "came as a complete surprise, except to the extent that maybe it wasn't as much of a surprise."

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Turmoil in the FBI

Behind the scenes over the past 15 months, infighting among some agents and officials has exposed some parts of the storied bureau to be buffeted by some of the same bitter divisions as the rest of American society.

This account is based on interviews with more than a dozen officials close to the matter who spoke anonymously because they've been ordered not to speak to the news media.


The FBI keeps showing up in this election

Hillary Clinton's supporters were already fuming after FBI Director James Comey revived the specter of her email scandal in the tense final days of the presidential election, a move that played right into Donald Trump's hands.

Huma Abedin lies low amid email probe

This is in the wake of the FBI's announcement last week that it was investigating thousands of emails found on a laptop shared by her and her estranged husband, Anthony Weiner.

Abedin, who was a staple by Clinton's side throughout the primaries and flew on almost every flight since the Clinton campaign plane started in September, has not flown with Clinton since Friday.