Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger gets adverts added to app

The move follows tests of the feature in Australia and Thailand.

But Facebook is still describing the facility as being in "beta", indicating it may still tweak the service.

Last month, chief executive Mark Zuckerberg told shareholders he expected Messenger to become "a big business" within five years despite it not generating a "meaningful amount of revenue" yet.

He made a similar prediction for his other chat app, WhatsApp.

How to share your Real-time Live Location with anybody using Facebook Messenger

Before bringing this feature to its Maps application, Google launched another app named Trusted Contacts that was a dedicated app for similar functions. But, today I’m going to tell you how to share your location in real-time using Facebook Messenger.

How to play Nokia Snake game on Facebook Messenger?

This cult status phone will be shipped with S30+ operating system and the world famous Snake game.

At the event, Snake game’s debut on Facebook Messenger was also announced. This cool time sink is known for its simplicity and addictive nature. So, if you don’t plan to buy the new Nokia 3310, you can still enjoy the new Snake Game.

This 14-year-old made the best Facebook Messenger chat bot

Yet despite the promise of a revolution in how we interact with services and companies online, progress has been utterly miserable - the vast majority of chatbots are gimmicky, pointless or just flat out broken.

But this week I was given great cause for optimism, in the form of Alec Jones, a 14-year-old from Victoria, Canada.

For the past six months, Alec been working on Christopher Bot, a chatbot that helps students keep track of homework they've been given over the course of a week.

Beware! Hackers are spreading Locky Ransomware using Facebook Messenger

In a short period of time, Locky has become one of the favorite ransomware tools of spammers. It usually spreads via spam emails with a disguised downloader.

This attack was first discovered by malware researcher Bart Blaze. Surprisingly, the malware manages to bypass Facebook’s file extension filter.

15 hidden features in Facebook Messenger you might not know

The is getting equipped and loaded features with every passing day. Recently, Facebook launched Messenger Lite which is a trimmed version of the Messenger app for budget smartphones.

How to chat with strangers on Facebook Messenger using Chatible

This new Facebook Messenger bot will remind you of those AIM chatrooms where you started your chats by asking about the person’s A/S/L.

With time, texting with strangers online has become less creepy and free from stigma. So, if you use Facebook Messenger regularly, Chatible could turn out to be your new favorite time-waster.

This bot anonymously connects you to another person and helps you get started right away. As it works inside your Facebook Messenger app, everything feels familiar and you don’t even need to install a new application.

Facebook Messenger now sends SMS text messages, but only on Android

Basically, Messenger wants to be your end-all, be-all app for chatting with your friends.

If you don’t recall, Facebook Messenger used to support SMS messaging, but then dropped it in 2013 after it saw low usage. SMS compatibility then started to show up again earlier this year, but it was just a test with a small batch of users.

Facebook Messenger testing new features

The social networking giant has confirmed to Engadget that SMS integration and multiple account support is being trialled on its Android app.

SMS integration, a feature that was removed from the service several years ago, allows people to read texts alongside their Facebook messages.

"We're testing the ability for people to easily bring all their conversations - from SMS and Messenger - to one place. It's a really simple way to get, see and respond to all your SMS messages in just one app," said Facebook.

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