US murder suspect extradited to Czech Republic

Czech authorities suspect that Kevin Dahlgren fatally stabbed his aunt, uncle and two cousins in the city of Brno during his May 2013 stay. Authorities said the victims had been stabbed in the head and neck, and it appears that he tried to burn three of the bodies.

Dahlgren was detained briefly on May 23 at Washington Dulles International Airport as he returned to the U.S. after the visit.

Rwandan general refuses extradition to Spain from UK

Emmanuel Karenzi Karake is accused by Spain of war crimes. He was arrested at Heathrow Airport on Saturday by British police acting on a European warrant.

Judge Quentin Purdy said a full extradition hearing would be held starting on Oct. 29. The judge granted Karake conditional bail and said he would be released from police custody after meeting several court-ordered conditions, including posting bail of 1 million pounds ($1.57 million).