Madang regional continue eliminations

This newsroom was informed that counting was later suspended after counting officials discovered that figures for candidates excluded in the second and third elimination count, did not add up when their votes were distributed.

The counting officials agreed to suspend counting and resume today. 

Meantime, after last night's elimination 2, People First Party candidate Ramsy Pariwa was leading with more than sixty thousand votes. Second is PANGU Party candidate Jerry Singirok with more than thirty-five thousand votes. 

Huon Gulf: 4 Candidates Remain

Four candidates remain in the race for the Huon Gulf seat, and they are:

  1. Jason Peter (URP) – 16,580
  2. Ross Seymour (NA) – 12,944
  3. John Kasu (Ind) – 5,773
  4. Tukape Masani (ULP) – 4,582

The absolute majority is 21,402, while exhausted ballot papers are 1,327.