Ex-Tropical Cyclone Penny

Bialla bridges washed off

Three bridges have been washed off in the Biala LLG, cutting off road access to Kimbe town.   

On Saturday night, the third bridge got washed away, forcing people to resort to wet crossing.

Abel Taukuro told this newsroom from Biala that two bridges, in Soi and Kolai river, were washed away last Thursday.

On Saturday night, the bridge at Imule, that separates central and east Nakanai, also gave way to floods.

People are now doing wet crossing, while PMVs wait on either sides of the highway.


Rains likely to continue to next week

The National Weather Service says this is due to Ex-Tropical Cyclone Penny, sitting in the Coral Sea, which will most likely head south-east.

The strong winds and rain being experienced have been attributed to the country being subjected to two extremes; Ex-TC Penny and another depression, both in the Coral Sea that merged last night, causing rains in most part of the Southern region, New Britain and other parts of the country.

House destroyed in harsh weather

Last night’s gale destroyed the Frank family’s Vabukori home as well as blew their roof off, dropping it a few metres away on a nearby hill.

Wari Frank told this newsroom that the house, which was a few feet away from their family home, belonged to her son Kila, who shares it with his wife and three children.

Yesterday, between 8 and 9pm, Kila was spending time with his parents when he decided to check on his house after a particularly large gust, only to be met with the wreckage.