Everyday people PNG

Everyday People PNG : Bosco Yamai

I’m also in charge of the ship’s maintenance.

I started my career as an ordinary seaman. This is my first time to work aboard a passenger vessel.

From ordinary seaman, I made it to able seaman and then to chief officer. I’m still learning.

I’ve worked for 3-and-a-half years; three months of that has been spent on “Mamose Express”.

I’ve visited the ports of Wewak, Madang and Lae so far.

Everyday People PNG : JOHN BANG KALE

While I study, I also want to continue playing good rugby league and hopefully attract some interest from Digicel cup teams, then I want to get into the Hunters system .

I only started playing in 2018, in B grade for Works Panthers in the Kundiawa rugby league competition so I’m still learning.

Same year I was promoted to play in A grade for Panthers that took part in the Ipatas Cup challenge which gave me a lot of exposure and experience to play at competitive level.

Everyday People PNG : Jennifer Thomas

I am married with six children and I use the money to pay for my children’s clothes, school fees, rice and protein, and essentials that we need for our home.

Having lived in Omun Village in Western Highlands all my life, I spend my days gardening. I grow pineapples, pawpaw, banana, kaukau, cabbage, and many other local crops.

I sell my produce along the highway that runs between Western Highlands and Southern Highlands.

Sometimes I take my crops to Mt Hagen and sell at the main market.

Everyday People PNG : Carol Paul & Tabitha Abel

My name is Carol and my wantok, well sister, is Tabitha. Our province has been a leader in education and that’s because of our ‘action’ Governor. Now we will be a leader in bringing peace into the province. Often we get a bad image because of all the tribal fighting. Recently we had three deaths in our community and it was a horrible feeling to hear about these young lives lost. We are peaceful people, these are opportunists high on drugs and so the news was a shock to us.

Everyday People PNG : Bradley

Mr Nomben has been recently appointed as the Head Teacher at Dio Primary School.

He spent the last three years teaching in a remote school in Lumi District in Sandaun Province.

Dio Primary is a remote school in Green River.

"Teaching in remote areas us very challenging.

"Sometimes we don't get school supplies for the whole term or year depending on how fast the Education Department releases the fundings.

"We are really trying our best to teach our students on what we can thought of while waiting for school materials to arrive.

Everyday People PNG : Sepik

Yes that’s my real name. I think my parents knew someone from there very well so they named me after him. I am proud to see services finally coming to our village. I am a farmer. I don’t have much to say but welcome to Yokomanda and thank you for visiting Enga.

Sepik, Yokomanda Village, Enga


Everyday People PNG : Ilangin Maru

Sr. Rosemary has been assigned to run chaplaincy here.

I was recruited in 2017 when the chaplaincy program began. When I was invited to come here, I had completed my bible studies and was at home praying about what the Lord wanted me to do for him.  

I came from a business sector. I worked in a bank for 16 years and I left to serve the Lord. And it’s funny how the theme ‘saved to serve’ because I think that it matches my past.

So I left my work and my career and I completed a diploma in a bible college here in Port Moresby.

Everyday People PNG : Nerolyn Silas

While the spiritual life will be a part and partial of our program, we’re trying to create a centre of influence where we can meet the physical, social and emotional needs as well. We are now looking for a piece of land in Boroko so that we can connect with the government and stakeholders and the whole community to come on board for us to work together.

Everyday People PNG: Dorna Longbut

People ask me “u no sa hot lo traipla sun ya”, when they see me in long sleeve shirts and hoodies.

Let me tell you what happened 3 years ago on 07th October 2017.

Everyday People PNG: Peter Barkie

I served the Defence Force for about 21 years.

Within 21 years, I made it up to the rank of lieutenant colonel before I decided to disengage. 

There was a program with the Defence Force for voluntary retrenchment; for people who want to leave the force with extra benefits at that time.