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European Union provides EUR 5.7 million to strengthen Pacific trade capacity

The project titled “Strengthening Pacific Intra-Regional and International Trade (SPIRIT)” (SPIRIT) aims at boosting and increasing intra-regional and international trade by strengthening institutional and technical capacity in the region. It will facilitate the implementation of trade agreements, in particular the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) and of the Pacific’s Aid-for-Trade Strategy 2020-2025. SPIRIT will also contribute to the development of a statistical monitoring framework that will foster greater regional economic integration.

New era for UK as it completes separation from European Union

The UK stopped following EU rules at 23:00GMT (midday NZ time), as replacement arrangements for travel, trade, immigration and security co-operation came into force.

Boris Johnson said the UK had "freedom in our hands" and the ability to do things "differently and better" now the long Brexit process was over.

French President Emmanuel Macron said the UK remained a "friend and ally".

UK ministers have warned there will be some disruption in the coming days and weeks, as new rules bed in and British firms trading with the continent come to terms with the changes.

EU will mobilise and redirect €119 million to aid Pacific combat COVID-19

Fifteen partner Pacific islands countries and four European Overseas Countries and Territories will benefit from this support.

The EU action will focus on strengthening partner countries’ health, water and sanitation systems and their research and preparedness capacities to deal with the pandemic, as well as mitigating its socioeconomic impact.

New documentary marking EU-PNG partnership

To mark this significant milestone, a documentary titled “EU-PNG, 40 Years of Partnership”, will premiere in Port Moresby on the 25th of June.

The European Union-PNG partnership started in 1977, shortly after PNG’s independence.

EU Ambassador, Ioannis Giogkarakis-Argyropoulos, says what PNG and the EU have achieved together over this period has been truly remarkable, especially considering the distance that separates us physically.

European FAO candidate promising Pacific focus

Catherine Geslain-Lanéelle is up against five other candidates to head the office.

Ms Geslain-Lanéelle said the Pacific had little representation within the organisation, which needs to change as the challenges the region faces are immense.

"And this region is very much affected by climate change. We still have countries where have hunger, we have malnutrition and where we have food waste and loss. So this is important to address all of these challenges."

EU applauds Ahern on BRC stint

Ahern was invited to Chair the BRC by Prime Minister Peter O'Neill and the President of the Autonomous Bougainville Government, Dr John Momis. 

In a statement, the EU said: “He visited Papua New Guinea and Bougainville in October, when he met with senior officials and international partners including the European Union, the United Kingdom, France, Australia, New Zealand, the United States, Japan, Korea, and Fiji and chaired a meeting of the Referendum Commission’s full membership on 15 October.

PNG's first-ever civil society program launched

The Civil Society Organisations and Local Authorities (CSO-LA) is a European (EU) thematic programme that builds on the 2012 EU Communication on Civil Society in external relations, recognising that engagement with community organisations contributes to human development and conflict prevention.

PNG deepens trading arrangements with EU, ACP

The Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade, Rimbink Pato, who attended the ACP-EU Joint Ministerial Trade Meeting in Brussels, Belgium, on 26 October, signed the ACP Administrative Cooperation Agreement (ACA).

This makes it possible for PNG to enter into intra-ACP trade relations with the cumulation of the rules of origin.

Under this WTO multilateral trading rule, countries within the same Trade Agreement region could cumulate rules of origin.

Upgrade planned for Yawasoro vocational

This will be funded by the European Union.

The infrastructure upgrade is the first ever major development since the centre was first established in 1988.

This development will see better workshops, facilities, equipment and tools aimed at enhancing the learning outcomes of students at Yawasoro Vocational Centre.

The community at Yawasoro is encouraged to take ownership of the gift from EU in order for their children, grandchildren and future generations to be educated with lifelong skills.

PNG to exit international vaccine support

The alliance is funded by 24 governments, including European Union and Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

PNG will transition or exit out of this support 2 years from now.

This means PNG will need to fully finance all vaccine and immunisation program costs.

Much of the support from Gavi finances the procurement of new vaccines, strengthens the country’s immunisation program and service deliveries.