Ethnic Clashes

PMVs refuse to pick passengers

All bus passengers have been directed to walk out to the Unagi Oval to catch PMVs.

This follows the early afternoon ethnic fight in the area.

However, PMV drivers have been seen congregating their vehicles away from the Unagi park area, refusing to pick up passengers.

PMV drivers were seen convoying towards the Unagi oval and Boroko area, shouting “strike” and blaring their bus horns.

For now, passengers at Jack Pidik have been left stranded with most PMVs seen driving off from the field.

Duban condemns ethnic clash

“I will not let such ethnic clashes continue to supress the peace of my people of Madang,” said Duban, who is also the Minister for Transport and Infrastructure.

“Enough is enough and I have warned the settlers already.”

He said it is now time to make a tougher decision in getting rid of settlers illegally living on state land and causing problems for the general public.

“Such action is depriving the rights of my people and degrading possibilities of investments in the province,” he said.

Respect the peace-loving people of Madang: Mayor

Most of the all, respect the peace-loving people of Madang.

He says the ethnic clash has caused properties worth millions of kina and lives of innocent people. It is unwarranted for and must come to an end.

The clash has frightened tourists, businesses and innocent citizens of Madang town and it paints a bad picture of Madang.

Yama has called on the authorities, especially the Madang provincial assembly of law and order and the provincial government, to immediately address this issue without delay.

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K800,000 to boost ethnic clash operations

A total of K800,000 was put in to help police operation into the ethnic clash between Western Highlanders and Sepiks in Madang.

MV Rabaul Queen trial continues

K800,000 to boost ethnic clash operations

Minister for Transport and Infrastructure and Member for Madang Nixon Duban has given K400,000 to assist Police operation during this one-month period while the Madang Provincial Administration jointly funded another K400,000.

Madang Open project inspector Semus Taki says the Madang provincial assembly of law and order committee, led by Madang provincial police commander Superintendent Jacob Singura, sat last Saturday evening and passed the resolution to bring in Mobile squad 15 and 13 to help the local police.

Rumours of ethnic clash shuts down Madang

The town was on lock down, traffic came to a stop and stores and businesses in town were closed all day.

Madang Provincial Police Commander Jacob Singura confirmed this and says police have taken control of the fighting crowd and warned people travelling in and out of Madang to take precautions while travelling. The  situation is still tense in the province but police are monitoring.

City market cleared after ethnic clash

A Mount Hagen man is nursing stab wounds after two.Goroka men fought with him over money that he owed them.

The are now detained at the Gerehu station as police prepare charges for the two. Meantime a youth was also arrested in relation to the fight after he was caught by police while carrying a homemade pistol.

The young man, aged 18 and also from Mt Hagen, was also taken to the station for questioning.

The area is quiet with just a few market people slowly returning. The area is a popular black market for buai (betelnut) and smokes. 

Morobe Governor to respond to unhappy youth’s petition tomorrow

They drove in huge numbers from designated streets and settlements in and around the capital, Lae teaming up at the heart of the industrial city and turning it into a ghost town last week.

As they took their frustration to the streets all schools, stores, markets and public transport system closed for the day.       

Governor Naru received their petition and promised to respond tomorrow.