Escapee shot dead

Provincial Police Commander, Superintendent David Seine Jr said according to police report it was alleged that the man was among 11 others who escaped from Beon. 

He said the others escaped while the deceased identified as Kenneth Atamuando was shot dead at Egmugul Village. 

Seine Jr said police officers were notified while on the festive season operation and responded with assistance from Beon CS officers, who searched for the escapees. 

CS officers who continued the search caught up with the escapee and shot him dead. 

Prison escapees on sex crimes recaptured

A total of five arrests were made for escapees from the Lorengau Correctional Service last week and charged for escape.

The lack of manpower, rundown facilities and overcrowding of prisoners are among many issues faced at this correctional institute, which needs the urgent attention of the CS management, even for a small province like Manus.

The following were recaptured last week:

Mobile squad boosts search for prison escapees

West New Britain Governor Sasindran Muthuvel confirmed that 39 prisoners escaped from Lakiemata on Oct 28.

Governor Muthuvel said the lack of logistics and manpower is slowing down the search.

He told this newsroom that with the additional manpower from the Mobile Squad 18, the search of the prisoners will be done quickly.

However, West New Britain Provincial Police Commander, Superintendent John Midi, is confident most, if not all the escapees, will be recaptured soon.

Remandees on the run in Manus

The remandees aged between 19 and 44 years old were detained for various serious offenses including robbery, murder and rape charges.

Manus Provincial Police Commander, Chief Inspector, David Yapu said they saw their opportunity to run after they were released to take part in a volley ball competition.

Yapu is now appealing to the public and the community to report any sighting of the escapees to police as some of them are dangerous and can pose a threat to the community

19 recaptured, 22 still at large: PPC

According to East New Britain provincial police commander, Joseph Tabali, police have started a combined operation with the Correctional Service to recapture the remaining 22 escapees.

PPC Tabali said so far, the communities of ENB have been cooperative and forthcoming with information.

“I am working with the aim to get all 41 escapees back into the prison camp in Kerevat and police is working around the clock to get this done,” he said.

Murder suspect, two escapees apprehended

The first was a suspect involved in a murder at Vee Street, Top Town earlier this year.

CID Lae has been looking for him for some time as he had gone into hiding.

With the help of community residents on information, police were able to locate him East Taraka on Thursday night around 10 pm.

The raid and apprehension of the suspect was a joint effort between the Omili police, SRU 103 and the CID.

Two other suspects who had escaped from Buimo Correctional Services were also apprehended by police.

Two out of seven escapees recaptured

Steven Rerem from Bitapabeke Ward and Michael Ganabun from the Kokopo district of ENB were two of seven hardcore suspects who broke out of the police vehicle while it was making its way to the jail after a day at the Kokopo Court House.

Rerem and Ganabun have returned to prison and are in police custody for robbery and attempted murder charges, whereas the rest are still at large.

ENB provincial police commander Chief Inspector Peter Kusup said Police Task Force members recaptured the suspect at his home village recently.

Clever and simple trick results in Buimo Jail break

The clever but simple plan which completely fooled the guards saw two detainees carrying another sick inmate  to the institutional clinic after gates were opened they were let through. It was at the outer fence that the sick detainee jumped up and attacked the guard who was overpowered, leaving the gate open.