Unconfirmed reports redirect evacuation

Unconfirmed reports that Biem Island in East Sepik may erupt has redirected evacuation efforts.

East Sepik Governor Allan Bird has instructed for the people of Biem to be moved first to the mainland.

The unconfirmed reports coming from the locals on Biem has prompted this swift action.

The evacuation plan, as stated by the East Sepik Governor, Allan Bird, was to get the Biem islanders to the safety of the mainland; this is now immediate.

Felling of historical trees angers residents

It is believed that the historical shade trees were chopped down to make way for power lines.

Among those who have raised their voices against the ‘outrageous’ exercise was the Rabaul Historical Society secretary, Susan McGrade.

A frustrated McGrade told Loop PNG that those shade trees ‘survived many, many eruptions’.

“There is absolutely no reason to remove the trees altogether,” she said.