Eruption 2017

Sensor to be installed on Kadovar: RVO

The dormant volcano on the remote island erupted on January 5 and has since been emitting ash and steam.

Two officers from the Observatory are expected to be on site early next week to install the sensor.

“The sensor (seismometer) detects earthquakes (volcano-related),” the RVO explained to Loop PNG.

“The data recorded will help the guys in determining the status of the activity.”

Meanwhile, another RVO staff is expected in Wewak later today to carry out an aerial inspection of the volcanic island.

Island’s entire surface area impacted: Observatory

Thankfully, 591 locals have been evacuated to Blup Blup Island in the north without any reports of casualties.

The Rabaul Volcanological Observatory has reported that Kadovar continues to erupt with ash and steam still being emitted.

“Satellite based observations of the eruption indicate that there have been no significant SO2 (sulfur dioxide) emissions to date,” states RVO.

Kadovar eruption potentially explosive: Observatory

In a report to the Department of Mineral Policy and Geohazards Management (DMPGH) secretary, Harry Kore, RVO said this is due to the chemistry of the most recent (pre-historic) cumulodome (high-silica andesite).

“Also due to the steepness of the island, landslides are possible, and together with the explosive nature of the magma, tsunamis may be generated.

“Due to the size of the island, any activity will impact the local population.”

Kadovar eruption: Disaster services yet to respond

Some help has already reached the remote island in evacuating locals, as more is being sought.

Earlier today, two dinghies from nearest Kopar Village in the Angoram District helped to evacuate some Kadovar locals.

Kopar village councilor Tom Kelly told this newsroom that the boats were sent to Kadovar Island as soon as they noticed that something was wrong.

Meantime, Wewak District Administrator Ricky Wobar and Chris Bais from the governor’s office flew with Samaritan Aviation to assess the situation and said the situation has worsened.

Kadovar situation has worsened: Administrator

He made the statement after flying to assess the situation on the island with the Samaritan Aviation, where they observed lava coming out of the once dormant volcano.

There was no evidence of inhabitants where it was hoped that they have all been moved to the nearby islands.

Wobar said they are planning another gathering around 7pm tonight to come up with strategies to address this catastrophe.

Relevant authorities, including the police and defence force, have also been notified.