Erima confrontation 2019

K40,000 contribution for Erima haus krai

Prime Minister James Marape and NCD Governor Powes Parkop visited the Erima settlement today to address settlers there.

Prime Minister James Marape was accompanied by NCD Governor Powes Parkop, Moresby South MP Justin Tkatchenko and Moresby-Northeast MP, John Kaupa, whose electorate was site of the September 28th confrontation between members of the Royal PNG Constabulary and settlers.

Witnesses urged to come forth

Police Minister Bryan Kramer made the call in Tuesday’s (Oct 8) Parliament session when responding to Moresby North-East MP, John Kaupa.

In his ‘question without notice’, Kaupa said unarmed settlers were injured while two were killed during the September 28th police shooting.

Manning issues suspension instructions for policemen

The September 28th raid sparked off a confrontation with settlers resulting in two deaths.

Manning said the suspension is normal procedure undertaken by the Constabulary in any administrative or criminal investigation.