Equal Playing Field

Students speak on Cyber-Safety

Equal Playing Field CEO Jacquelyn Joseph said it was amazing the feedback students gave during the competition, and with their insights on cyber-safety and bullying, it was found to be very wise and informative in their young age

Young Pauline Tamasale a student from Ward Strip said she was inspired by her teacher Mr Obe Mandi who taught her and her fellow school mates on how cyber bullying affects the young generation that are either online with or without parents consent or knowledge.

TSC Partners With Equal Playing Field

EPF Chief Executive Officer, Jacqui Joseph explained that if there is an offence against a child (child abuse, neglect, etc.) it is within EPF's power to receive, investigate and report the case to relevant authorities.

This is an endorsement that EPF has strived to achieve as majority of its programs and projects involve children.

“This is an incredible achievement for us as an organization. We will soon be making changes to accommodate for the responsibility that has been given to us. We still have a long road ahead but this is great progress in our journey,” she said.

British film crew captures GBV agenda in Pom

Cole and his crew, Luke Jacobs (Director of Photography), Thomas McMahon (Camera Assistant) and Nicholas Jon Davie (Sound Recordist) were in Port Moresby for a 10-day video shoot with the women and child rights organisation, Equal Playing Field.

The film crew were focused on understanding some of the drivers of gender-based violence in Port Moresby’s urban communities.

First Equal Playing Field uni program launched

Co-founded by current Communication Arts final year students Joshua Kiruhia and International Exchange (Inaugural Australian New Colombo Plan Fellow to PNG) student Gina Zheng, EPF4U is all about empowering students to becoming better leaders of gender equality.

“Equal Playing Field for Universities is to bring change in the students’ communities and in their classrooms,” says Kiruhia.

“We believe that when they go through our gender leadership program, after six weeks the students will be equipped to run initiatives and advocacy programs.”