Enga Province - Education

Children are the future, they must be protected


Hela Provincial Education Advisor, Ronny Angu, while addressing a gathering, said children should be carefully and lovingly nurtured, as they are future of the nation.

That they should be allowed to attend schools without threat and intimidation. He asked adults to pledge not to be ignorant when they see a child in distress or when they see schools and teachers affected by tribal fights.

Education will remain a priority in Enga: Ipatas

He said this when officially opening a guest house at Sari Primary School, near Wabag town, last Friday.

Sir Peter says his government believes that an educated Engan population would contribute meaningfully in improving the “living standard” of the people.

He says critics are wrong to say that his provincial government spends too much money on education.

Such interpretations are wrong as they (critics) are not properly assessing the situation.