Experience Kokopo like no other place

That's because it is different!

That’s how the capital of East New Britain in Papua New Guinea is described.

Some describe it as an opportunistic town given the history that it literally raised from ashes.

Baining leaders recognise Makolkol as sixth clan

Preparations are in place to formalise this and ensure a Makolkol clan leader representative join the ranks in the council.

This follows an awareness programme last week, that saw the representatives of the Council visited Mandrambit in the Gazelle district, just past the lower Toriu river near Open Bay.

Mandrambit is also part of the Uramat Clan that boarders the Kachqet, Simbali, and Mali Clans.

Uramat is actually the only clan within the Baining-Qaqet tribe which boarders all the clans: Kachqet, Simbali, Mali, Kairak and now the Makolkol.