Emoji Movie named worst film of 2017

It was given four Golden Raspberry titles, including worst picture, director and screenplay.

In a statement, Razzies organisers branded the film a "talking poop opus".

Tom Cruise was named worst actor for his performance in the reboot of The Mummy.

The film was poorly reviewed by critics, who described it as "empty headed" and "one-note".

"Cruise should have played the Mummy - that way his face would be swathed in bandages and his fans wouldn't have to see him sweat so hard," Peter Travers wrote in Rolling Stone.

A ginger haired emoji is coming soon

According to Unicode, redheads will be able to describe themselves in emoji form from June 2018 after the organisation's emoji subcommitteerecommended 67 new characters.

It's not just ginger emojis set to make their way to our fingertips though.

There'll be new emojis for those with bald heads, curly hair and silver foxes will be represented with a white-haired emoji.

Teen behind new hijab emoji: 'I just wanted an emoji of me'

Rayouf Alhumedhi, who now lives in Vienna, proposed the idea last year to The Unicode Consortium, the non-profit corporation that reviews and develops new emojis.

And she's delighted that Apple accepted it. It was unveiled Monday on World Emoji Day as one of a collection of new emoji characters available on Apple devices later this year.

What does this purple bird mean?

If not, it will be only a matter of time before this weird little fellow is as familiar on your feed as a thumbs-up.

Trash Dove, a Facebook sticker which has bowled over social media in Asia, is the cartoon baby of American artist Syd Weiler.

The Florida-based illustrator drew the bird in September 2016 and subsequently created a set of Facebook stickers in January 2017.

Check out these brand new emojis for Android

According to Android Developer's Blog, Android will soon be introducing a range of new emojis, which also include one for facepalm and selfie - another we're surprised has taken so long to appear.

As well as those, they're introducing a lot more "human" emojis such as more variation in skin tone and colour - finally.​

There's also some impressive new activity-based ones that we're already planning uses for.

Love performing a good cartwheel? There's a new emoji for that, as well as dancing and riding a bike and even juggling.​

Oxford Dictionaries' Word of the Year Isn't a Word at All, It's an Emoji

Thankfully, Oxford Dictionaries is up on the times and didn't choose an actual word to hold the honored title of 2015's Word of the Year. Instead, they chose…