Electoral Commissioner

O’Neill clarifies Form 29 and Nomination forms

O’Neill said the Form 29 was just to assist the Electoral Commissioner to have a clear indication of the intending candidates wishing to contest.

He clarified that the official form to allow intending candidates to contest the elections was the Nomination form.

He said the Nomination form was entirely dependent  on the candidates to choose which party to align with in the coming elections.

“Nobody is going to force the candidate to sign which party they will be contesting under as it is an individual choice that is guaranteed by law.”

Polye commends Gamato for extending bio data dates

Polye in a press conference today said, although the Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato is new to the office had so far made some decisions that are of the best interest for the people of PNG.

He praised Gamato for giving candidates ample time to come up with a proper bio data before the elections.

The bio data was due on Dec 16 but now extended to next year.

However, Polye also raised concerns on the updating of the Common Rolls.

He said the timing is not right as the Common Roll update will not be completed on time.

New electoral chief sworn into office

At a swearing in ceremony officiated by the PNG Chief Justice Sir Salamo Injia, Gamato swore a declaration of loyalty, declaration of office and oath of office.

As per section 10 of the Organic Law on National and Local Level government elections, the Chief Justice administered Gamato’s declaration into office.

Sir Salamo administered the oath of office to Gamato. The ceremony was witnessed by his predecessor Sir Andrew .