Electoral Commission

Court: No by-Election for Hela

The Waigani National Court handed down its decision this afternoon on the case filed by Hela businessman Larry Andagali.

Andagali filed the case over the Electoral Commission’s delay in conducting a by-election for the Governor’s seat following the passing of the late Governor Anderson Agiru on April 28.

The court found and declared that the office of the Governor became vacant on April 28, however, it refused to order a by-election, four months on since the death of the late Agiru.

2016 Electoral Roll update underway in Rigo district

Speaking from Irupara, Chief Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato says the exercise is the first since formally launching the nationwide Electoral Roll update last month at Kwikilla station, Rigo District.

The Roll update in Hula and Irupara signifies the start of the program nationwide.

He explained that the exercise in Hula was also conducted as an insight for their donors and stakeholders on the capabilities of what the current PNGEC administration can do.

Court orders Electoral Commissioner to make decision on ‘failed 2013’ LLG elections

The election of Presidents and Ward members of the Local Level Governments in 2013 were declared ‘failed elections’ by the Electoral Commission on August 15, 2013.

It was declared failed elections in a blanket decision on grounds of widespread corruption and illegal practices at polling and counting venues, 15 days before the date fixed for the Return of Writs of Aug 30, 2013.

A National Gazette notice was issued on Oct 7, 2013 however it did not specify which wards were subject to that decision. 

Lawyer Manase orders newspaper to retract story

Manaseh in a press conference today said he will also be suing the former opposition leader Don Polye for releasing malicious statements.

He said the claims laid against him in The National newspaper were all lies and lacked evidence.

The newspaper in an article published a story claiming that Manaseh had a relationship with a female Electoral Commission officer and has a teenage daughter from that relationship.

Manaseh said these are all lies and tactics used by Polye to divert from the truth.

2017 General Election to be collective approach

Secretary Lupari says that has been numerous Election steering committee meetings to date which have involved representatives of  relevant stakeholders.

He also says that come  April 11, there will be a conference for department heads and provincial administrators.

At this proposed meet, the Electoral Commissioner and the steering committee will brief all the heads on the planning process and engage in discussion so that they can provide input in the election plan being prepared.

New electorates to be ready by 2017 elections: PM

However, O’Neill said it will take a lengthy process.

He said the government has already established the Electoral Boundaries Commission which comes under the supervision of the Electoral Commissioner to look into the electoral boundaries.

“Once they visit all the electorates in the country, they will then report back to the government to make recommendations.”

He said the last electoral boundary report presented to parliament was in the last term of parliament that was rejected by Parliament because of some fault in the report.

OLIPAC Laws must be amended

Nelson Duwabane, the President of Country Party  said, “with the 2017 Elections some months away, we want the Government to revise the OLIPPAC and the Organic Law on National and LLG Elections to ensure we have smooth elections.

“The Provincial Reforms have disabled good debate in the Provincial Assembly and the LLG. The governor and president are the chairman and speaker and there’s no Opposition to scrutinize the provincial and Local Level Governments. 

Electoral Commission into “roll cleansing”

This week elections managers from the highlands region gather at a workshop where they are going through the process of “roll cleansing”.

This is when Electoral Commission officials go through the electoral roll to remove ghost names, duplicates; names of voters who are deceased, under-age voters and so on.  

Southern region will start this exercise next week.

By March this year the rolls should be out for display throughout the country for the public to verify before it is returned to the provincial electoral offices.