Election security operations yet to be funded

In a press conference on Monday in Port Moresby, Sir Mekere flanked by NCD Regional candidate Jamie Maxtone-Graham said the security preparations were not yet ready.

He claimed that the police are still waiting for their election funds to carry out their security operations.

Sir Mekere said reliable sources in the police force said they were due to receive K8 million last month but nothing  has happened.

Loop News was also given a copy of a document from the Police Department stating the planned  release of funds  which has never eventuated.

PNC takes on provincial autonomy as a policy for campaign

That was announced by Prime Minister and parliamentary leader Peter O'Neill in Port Moresby this morning. He was speaking at the PNC convention launching the party campaign to maintain its grip on power.

The major party in the coalition government have endorsed 93 candidates for the 111 seat Parliament.

"Our government will give power to provinces that can manage its public services and finances (after the election)," O'Neill said.

Huge crowd witnesses Muthuvel’s nomination

He said the turn-out of the crowd signified what his government  and administration, the National Government and development partners have done for the Province.

He thanked the churches for their contribution to service delivery through Church-based organizations (CBO’s ) and since before Independence until today.

“Churches have played a big role in shaping the service delivery for this nation,” he said.

​22 nominated so far in Manus

Manus Election Manager, Sponsa Navi, told Loop PNG that both current members of the province have not yet nominated.

He said in the Regional seat, 10 candidates have nominated while 12 candidates have nominated to run for the Open seat.

Those who nominated for the Manus Regional Seat include;  Ken Kuso, George Sikin, Francis Kari Masu, Qwentan Kiliwi Chollaii, wife of former Madang Governor Jim Kas - Dr Theresa Kamau Kas, Elijah Kireng Pokarop, Dr Hilda H Polume, Leslie Roai, former Governor Michael Sapau :and Martin Kele-eh Warek.

Gamato clarifies Jiwaka PRO status

The intending candidates claimed that the Provincial Returning Officer Rossie Pandihau had been changed by Deputy Administrator Stefan Husik at the 11th hour.

They are claiming that the new PRO could not have been gazetted and so there is a question of whether or not any decision he makes, such as accepting nominations of intending candidates is legally binding.

However, Gamato clarified that the changes were not made at the 11th hour as the changes were made on March 30, 2017.

Show that you are true leaders, candidates told

Lae metropolitan commander, Chief Superintendent Anthony Wagambie Jr, has urged them to be mature and to campaign without resorting to bribery.

“Voters and campaign managers are not to give sweet talks and encourage candidates to spend carelessly to entice voters,” said the police boss.

“Candidates and those that campaign must stand firm and campaign fairly as true and honest leaders.”

Wagambie stressed that police personnel will be out in numbers to ensure that the elections are conducted within stated boundaries.

Police operations on full alert

During Friday's nominations, the road blocks were set up in a way where vehicles moved in a one way in and one way out manner.

Officers on duty said so far, no major faults or incident in relations to the nominations have occurred.

Police are only controlling traffic at the main market area so supporters share a common a ground to campaign and support their candidates.

Turi warns NCD candidates

NCD Metropolitan police commander Ben Turi says police have advised all candidates to not drive into Boroko with huge truckloads of supporters.

He says there will be road blocks around the Five-Mile area as well as the Murray Barracks Taurama junctions. This is to deal with traffic flow into the area.

Turi suggested for candidates to utilise public places such as the Five-Mile, Jack Pidik or Gordon’s Unagi ovals, to address their supporters after they nominate; and not outside the Electoral Office.

Parents urged to monitor daughters during elections

During an awareness conducted at Kalo village in Hula recently, Gimana raised concerns on underage pregnancy that is affecting young girls in the village. 

"During the election period, a lot of candidates and supporters will carry cash to lure voters and young girls can become venerable to such situations," Gimana said.

He said young girls have become vulnerable to unsafe sex because of ignorance and called on parents to monitor the movements of their daughters during the election period.

PNG elections unconventional: Dr Gelu

Dr Gelu said it is influenced by the environment and culture of the people.  

“Our systems of elections in PNG are still very much influence by factors that are clearly unconventional, factors that are illegal and truly undemocratic.”

Dr Gelu was speaking on Tuesday, to journalists attending a media election training workshop conducted by the PNG Electoral Commission (PNGEC) and Australian Electoral Commission.        

He said the conduct of election is the core business of PNGEC.