Government fails to implement Observer Group's recommendations

And one of the recommendations made was in regards to the boundaries.

However, Chair of the Commonwealth Observer Group Sir Anand Satyanand said unlike other countries in the Commonwealth, PNG has a system where the Parliament makes the decision and not the Boundaries Commission.

“A number of recommendations are still pending which the Government and the Boundaries Commission yet to undertake.

“Unlike other countries where the Boundaries Commission makes the decision, in PNG it is different.

“It is the Parliament that makes the decision,” he said.

Sir Nagora calls on PM to admit cash flow crisis

He said this will only set him and his ruling party and the government free so we can proactively find solutions to rescue our country from the deep pit of soaring debts.

Sir Nagora said he is heartened by the fact that tax has emerged as one of many topical campaign issues in the forthcoming elections.

He said the decency of truth about the gross mismanagement of the economy hurts and this has provoked the direct attack against him from the PM.

He made reference specifically to O’Neill’s spurious assertion about GST in The National newspaper recently.

Stop your blame game: President

Duwabane made this call after National Alliance Party leader, Patrick Pruaitch, and Triumph Heritage Empowerment Party leader, Don Polye, started blaming each other for the fall of Somare’s regime.

Pruaitch told Loop PNG earlier that he never voted against the illegal removal of former prime minister Sir Michael Somare in 2011. He said he was the only one in the Government to vote against putting Peter O’Neill as Prime Minister.

Pruaitch added that it was Polye who was the power broker back then that caused the fall of Sir Michael.

Juffa advocates for good leadership nationwide

Juffa recently travelled to Henganofi, Okapa, Kainantu and Lufa in Eastern Highlands to endorse his candidates.

Thousands of people gathered to hear Juffa speak on issues pertaining to land ownership, economy and the future of the country.

Juffa spoke passionately about the need for assertive leadership which is needed to protect PNG’s interest.

He also highlighted the lack of such leadership that had seen PNG lose control of its resource economy and thus its ability to design a prosperous and secure future.

PNGCWU rally behind Sir Mekere

The executives of PNGCWU on Monday paid a courtesy visit to former prime minister and candidate for Moresby North West electorate, Sir Mekere Morauta with a bold message that the state of PNG’s national affairs were worsening and the situation demanded most urgent remedial actions.

PNGCWU President Nug Mamtirin told Sir Mekere that his return to politics has sent a message of hope to public and private sectors workers, self-employed people and ordinary citizens PNG-wide.

Sir Mek explains intentions of contesting

“My first and foremost reason to re-enter national politics is because of public demand and pressure from people in all walks of life including villagers, public servants, private sectors workers, parliamentarians, even MPs from within the ruling PNC party.

“I owe it to PNG and its citizens for educating me to university level, first Secretary for  Finance at the age of 25 in 1973, Managing Director of PNG Banking Corporation (now BSP), Governor of Bank of PNG, State minister, Prime Minister and Leader of Opposition.

Lamur plans to rescue Kokopo District

The former public servant and deputy provincial administrator socio-economic services, is one of 25 candidates contesting the seat in East New Britain Province during this national elections.

Former Prime Minister and Kokopo MP Sir Rabbie Namaliu and Lamur’s elder brother William Lamur are throwing their support on him.

Lamur, 51, from Ralubang Village in the Bitapaka LLG is married with two children and has been preparing for two years to contest in this election period.

Election security operations yet to be funded

In a press conference on Monday in Port Moresby, Sir Mekere flanked by NCD Regional candidate Jamie Maxtone-Graham said the security preparations were not yet ready.

He claimed that the police are still waiting for their election funds to carry out their security operations.

Sir Mekere said reliable sources in the police force said they were due to receive K8 million last month but nothing  has happened.

Loop News was also given a copy of a document from the Police Department stating the planned  release of funds  which has never eventuated.

PNC takes on provincial autonomy as a policy for campaign

That was announced by Prime Minister and parliamentary leader Peter O'Neill in Port Moresby this morning. He was speaking at the PNC convention launching the party campaign to maintain its grip on power.

The major party in the coalition government have endorsed 93 candidates for the 111 seat Parliament.

"Our government will give power to provinces that can manage its public services and finances (after the election)," O'Neill said.

Huge crowd witnesses Muthuvel’s nomination

He said the turn-out of the crowd signified what his government  and administration, the National Government and development partners have done for the Province.

He thanked the churches for their contribution to service delivery through Church-based organizations (CBO’s ) and since before Independence until today.

“Churches have played a big role in shaping the service delivery for this nation,” he said.