Election Returning Officer

MKA counting progresses today

Election Returning Officer Terence Hetinu said they were able to kick start counting in the later part of today and hope to complete the process before October 19.

Returning Officer Hetinu said counting was scheduled for the 6th but had to be moved because a church service did not conclude until late Sunday, October 7th.

“We allowed (the church service) to continue. We were supposed to start preparing the arena on Monday but that didn’t happen due to some logistics preparations that didn’t go well for us.”

MK election nomination fee is K1,000

Motu Koita Assembly Election Returning Officer, Terence Hetinu, announced this during the issuing of writs.

He said the rumored K200 fee was not true.

Nominations will be done at the Electoral Commission Central Province Office at Boroko.

Meantime, nominations for the Motu Koita Local Level Government Elections opened at 4pm yesterday (August 30th).

This followed the announcement of the issuing of the writs by Minister for Inter-Government Relations, Kevin Isifu, yesterday.