PNGTA election overdue

PNGTA executives were advised by the Industrial Registrar to prepare for elections as soon as possible.

“We are supposed to conduct election after April 2023 with the confirmation from the Industrial Registrar, Helen Saleu. She wrote a letter to us stating to prepare for the elections and conduct as soon as possible,” said PNGTA president Aita Sanangkepe.

He said the deferral was due to several reasons. One being delay of teacher’s fortnightly pay as well as common roll update.

“We have been instructed that this election has to be done.”

UPNG Students Vote SRC Reps

The students will vote for President Student Representative Council, Male vice President and Female vice President for next year.

Open of Writs was on 4th of August including nominations and closed on 11th of August. Candidates were screened and were given two weeks to campaign. Polling ends today at 6pm.    

Returning officer for UPNG SRC Election, Desmond Timiyaso, stated that a formal request was granted for the Electoral Commission to conduct elections for UPNG SRC Elections.

SHP Aims To Complete Counting Soon

Highlands Western End Commander, acting Assistant Commissioner John Kale said counting in the province is progressing well, however, he has received police intelligence reports of an alleged build-up of firearms within Mendi township

The meeting comprise of the Provincial Election Manager Alwynn Jimmy, the Quick Response Force Commanders, Provincial Police Commander, Chief Inspector Daniel Yangen and the electoral officials in the province to strategise on how we can fast-track the counting. 

Chimbu Governor given heroic welcome

Celebrations from Goroka through to Chimbu over the long weekend followed Dua’s second declaration by the Waigani National Court as the duly elected governor for Chimbu, after a judicial recount was ordered from a successful election petition filed by former Governor Noah Kool.

Following a judicial recount on Friday May 24, 2019, the National court declared Michael Dua as the Governor for Chimbu.

He was given a heroic welcome by the people of Eastern Highlands and Simbu when he touched down at Goroka airport last Friday.

Dates set for LLG elections

He said the Minister for Inter-Government Relations, Kevin Isifu, has approved the final dates and this announcement supersedes his previous announcements.

Gamato announced that the issuing of writs will be on Thursday August 30, 2018, indicating the start of nominations.

Nomination will close on Thursday September 6 with polling commencing on Saturday, September 29, ending Saturday, October 13.

The return of writs is scheduled on or before November 2, 2018.

Defer LLG polls, recommends Gamato

He made the recommendation in his advice to the Minister last Thursday, 26 April, in Port Moresby.

This follows the receipt of three written legal opinions on the subject from the Acting Secretary for Justice & Attorney General, Dr. Lawrence Kalinoe, State Solicitor Daniel Rolpagarea and the Secretary for Constitutional & Law Reform Commission, Dr. Eric Kwa.

Fresh attempt today to elect New Caledonia president

The French territory has had a caretaker administration since August.

The French High Commissioner Thierry Lataste has summoned the new government ministers to elect a president in order to give New Caledonia a properly constituted government ahead of key referendum talks in Paris next week.

The only candidate so far, Philippe Germain, has been unsuccessful in getting majority support from the 11-member government.

What constitutes a failed election?

But what constitutes a failed election? And who calls the shots in such time?

At the Issue of Writes on April 20, the Electoral Commission re-activated the function of the Election Advisory Committee for the 2017 National Election.

The committee’s role is to report directly to Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato and to provide recommendations and advice on matters relating to cancelation and withdrawal of writ for an election.

PPC: Take ownership of election

Yapu said people should be allowed to exercise their democratic rights to cast their votes without undue influence, threat or fear.

He is asking for the continuous support and corporation from the people in ensuring a free, fair and safe election is conducted in the province without any disruption.

He said the campaign period which ends today has been quiet and peaceful so far and wants this to continue into polling and counting.

Journalist threatened over election coverage

Journalist in-charge of NBC Manus, Reilly Kanamon, was threatened on Monday afternoon outside his office over alleged rumours of seven ballot boxes being smuggled into the province.

Kanamon was confronted by two supporters of a candidate in the province and threatened to break open the NBC Manus office and beat all the staff.

This comes after speculations and rumours went viral on social media regarding the ballot papers.

However, Manus Police and Election officials ruled out those Facebook rumours on Monday.