El Nino

Current El Nino one of strongest ever: PNG specialist

Demerua said it was already causing droughts and flooding in different parts of the world, affecting food production, water availability, public health and energy supplies.

“The current El Niño is likely to peak towards the end of 2015 and continue into the first half of 2016”, Demerua said

“The tropical central and eastern Pacific sea surface temperatures have warmed significantly in recent months and are now at levels not seen since the 1997/98 event.

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Climate change actions: we can do at least this much


Everyone knows that some small island states, such as the Maldives in the Indian Ocean or Tuvalu in the Pacific, face serious risks to their survival if we do not take effective action to address climate change and curb rising sea levels.

Weather devastated provinces to get Aussie aid

Weather devastated provinces to get Aussie aid

PNG will get a $5 million package to:

·         improve food security for about  500,000 people by providing seed stock for drought resistant crops; 

·         determine water and sanitation needs across at least six provinces in partnership with non-government organisations (NGOs);

·         support vulnerable groups including children, women and the elderly through church health services;

O’Neill lashes out at no-confidence notice

This is the Prime Minister’s response to the filing of a vote of confidence against him by the Opposition.

"It is desperate and ambitious, not done in the best interest of the nation but for personal interest driven by desire for revenge,’’ the Prime Minister charged.

"The country today faces huge challenges with El Niño and global economic conditions which require our Parliament's attention.

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Claim that minister-sponsored police to burn village houses


Eight houses in a village in East Sepik Province were burnt to the ground, allegedly by police brought into the district by a local Member of Parliament to curb crime in his electorate.

Fight against breast cancer in ENB gaining strength

PNG DF challenged to provide assistance during disaster events

He says the growing capacity of our Defence force is going to be even more important in the years ahead as challenges around the world increase.

“Our Disciplined Forces are also increasingly required to work as part of a whole-of-government effort,” he says.

O’Neill says that meeting some of the challenges in the years ahead including disasters will occur more than ever before due to climate change.

“We can expect more floods, more cyclones and more droughts to affect our country into the future.

Drought affected Manus to get help soon

According to Mr Knight Mr Meauri  will be visiting hard hit areas of Manus like the Baluan, Pak and Rambutso islands.

Knight says Meauri will also bring  relief funds.

He says after their visit to various islands they will return to Lorengau for the first meeting of the District Development Authority.

 Knight made arrangements with local businesses houses in Lorengau town for relief supplies however he is still waiting the Provincial administrator approval.

The Administrator is understood to be out of the province at this time.

No funds for drought affected in Simbu: Governor

He said the drought took them by storm and they never expected it to be like what has happened.

Speaking today at the presentation of K750,000 cheque by the Kumul Petroleum Holdings Limited to the five affected provinces in the Highlands region, Kool says the province have no money to cater for the drought but ate depending on the National Disaster office to cater for the situation.

He said the drought is hitting his people hard with rivers running dry and food gardens being dried up.

Locals request for NARI help

The people of Korona, Tutuna and Idau, three villages which are located behind the Doa Plantation in the Kairuku Hiri LLG of Central Province, are also questioning their authorities as to why they have not received any form of relief supplies.

Kevin Dagere, a resident of Korona village during an awareness program conducted by Partners With Melanesians (PWM), expressed his disappointment at leaders of the area not showing any concern for their people who sometimes go without good food for weeks and eat whatever they find that is edible.

All urged to save food and water as El Nino worsens

Assistant director of the National Weather Service (NWS) Jimmy Gomoga told Loop PNG that "the peak period of El Nino has just started."

He said the peak period of the dry season starts this month and goes until the middle of December.

Gomoga, who heads the NWS Forecasting and Warning Centre, said the country’s weather will return to its normal cycle in June next year.

El Nino is the effect of change in sea temperature and wind conditions, causing limited rainfall.