EHP Lockdown

Provincial Controller and Provincial Administrator John Gimisive has issued a number of prevention measures to contain the spread of the virus, as it has already spread province-wide, reaching some of the remotest parts of the province.

Certain restrictions have been imposed.

In the statement released by Gimisive, the number of morbidities and mortalities is increasing every day.

EHP Governor sets out intentions

All eight MPs were sworn in by the Provincal Senior Magistrate.

The Governor, Peter Numu took his oath first.

In his maiden speech said he was ready to take on from where former governor Julie Soso had left off.

He told public servants there was no time waste – and urged them to pull up their socks.

Governor Numu said his first task is to build and improve the Goroka Market and town water supply and the Gorka town sewerage project; revive the town beautification program, and address public servants’ housing concerns.

VIDEO: EHP and Shimbu ballot papers received

Polling for these two provinces will be on the 26th of this month.

Election Managers from the two Provinces have confirmed receiving all election materials including the ballot papers. 


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VIDEO: EHP Violence

This was the result of a fight between supporters of the sitting MP, Robert Atiyafa and villagers who reside near the town. 


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Former EHP Governor Damson Lafana passed on

The late Lafana passed on at Angau General Hospital on March 6.

He was 59 years old.

Lafana was elected to the 6th National Parliament in the 1997 General Elections for the Unggai-Bena Open.

During his term, Lafana served as member for various national committees including of the Emergency Committee in 1998, Public Accounts Committee from July 1997 to March 1998 and Culture and Tourism Referral Committee in 1997.

Services must flow says Tato, the court reinstated EHP Administrator

Speaking outside the court house to his supports, Tato said services in the province must flow and leaders must come out and work together despite the outcome of the court.

“Let the court deal with the case already before it, the people and services are more important. Service must flow,” he told them.

Tato was reinstated by the Supreme Court on Feb 15 as the Provincial Administrator after the Goroka District Court dismissed allegations of misconduct against him.

PNG music royalty join NRL in the Park

The entertainment provided at the launch also showcased PNG’s big name musicians who perform to the delight of Madang audience who had gathered since 12 noon to await the actual launch at 2pm.

Youths and those in the mood  dance swayed, twisted and turned as they danced  when current PNG music sensation Nathan Nakikus and his band belted out their popular numbers.

Madang Province’s popular music artist Demas Saul was chatting with this writer when he was spotted by Leonard Kania who hurried over for an embrace and chat。

EHP Administrator calls for public servants to resume work

Tato's instruction was triggered by the absence of public servants at their respective work places, especially at the provincial Yanepa Building, due to the protracted legal wrangle for the province's top administrative post.

In a media conference in Goroka today, Tato said he is now focused on towing the public servants in line in a bid to serve the people “as normalcy is now being restored in the province's public service machinery.”

Tato said: “I’m satisfied that the Supreme Court has ordered for my reinstatement as the provincial administrator of EHP last Monday.