Efogi museum curator follows in father’s footsteps

The 32-year-old father of six runs a campsite and guest house with his wife Deffy and is the curator of the local museum – all initiated by his father Siosi Laimo.

“It was my father that started all of what I have and own today. He was one of the first locals who opened the Kokoda Trail for trekkers,” recalls Siosi.

Working together on Kokoda Track

This is the first of a series of projects where Queensland rangers will join with KTA rangers and local communities in a capacity-building arrangement. Rangers and communities will share and apply knowledge and skills to protect the fabric of this historic place and make the Kokoda Track safer for trekkers and local people who use it every day.

QPWS Ranger Dave Fuller said it was an honour to learn local land management techniques from KTA rangers and members of the community directly.

Ruling expected soon in Kokoda attack case

Toksy Jacob first appeared for mention in court at Waigani on February 16, 2016 after he was flown to Port Moresby from Kokoda with his 17- year- old co-accused.

In Oct 2016, the court received the completed police investigation files in the case against Jacob.

The Committal Court is still assessing evidence in his case to see if there is sufficient evidence to commit it for trial. That ruling is expected on March 21.

Jacob’s co-accused’s case is before the Juvenile court in Port Moresby. He is expected to appear in court  today.