Education Minister Nick Kuman

New curriculum for PNG schools

A curriculum that will have to go before Cabinet for approval, Education Minister Nick Kuman says STEM curriculum will be introduced in the education system after 2020 with English as the language of instruction.

Just when the SBE curriculum is being implemented in all public schools in the country after the failed Outcome Based Education was abolished, a new curriculum, called STEM, will be introduced after 2020.

Elementary schools to be phased out by 2021

Elementary grades from One to Three will be pushed back into the Primary System, which will now only cater for Grade One to Six while grades Seven and Eight will be pushed back into the High School System.

Education Minister Nick Kuman clarified this in Parliament this week.

Minister Kuman was responding to Nuku MP Joe Sungi in Parliament when he said the restructure was to correct the mistake by previous governments to the elementary school system in the country.

NIP govt to manage province’s TFF policy

A memorandum of agreement (MOA) was signed with the National Government on Friday (March 16) afternoon.

Education Minister Nick Kuman said New Ireland is the second province, apart from Enga, to be given these functions.

“This is because it has the capacity and prudent management systems to be able to deliver the TFF Policy at the sub-national level,” stated Kuman.

First batch of TFF to be released next week


Kuman said in Parliament that the money was available and will pay schools beginning next week.

“By next week the first batch of TFF will be paid. I’ve got money in the central bank now, I will pay it to all the schools in the country,” he said.

Kuman has also urged all open regional members to meet any shortfalls of school in their respective jurisdictions in the case  that the TFF funds were not sufficient.

Kuman warns schools not to charge project fees

And he has called on the Provincial Governments to implement the Governments Tuition Fee Free Policy and deal with those that are ignoring the abolishment of project fees.

“I’ve got the power under the Teaching Service Act, that power I can invoke that power and I can suspend the principals and the board. You must know that (and) I will do it.

If the Provincial Government and their administration if they cannot do it, I will do it for you,” he said.

Christmas message from Education Department

“We have ended the 2016 academic year on Friday, December 9, and it is my great pleasure to thank you all for your commitment and efforts throughout the year,” said the Minister.

He stated that despite the difficult financial situation faced by the country, the Education Department managed to implement most of its key policies.

Govt releases final TFF payments

“This latest payment brings the total TFF released so far to K602 million,” Kuman says in a statement.

“The payments made to each sector of education, from elementary to vocational and Flexible Open and Distance Education (FODE), Inclusive Education Resource Centres (IERC) and Permitted Schools and by province, will be fully reported once the final payment of 2016 is calculated and disbursed.

Kuman says university students have failed themselves

“Fight a fight that is good for you and your welfare; fight a fight that is good for this country.

“This Government has spent more in 89 districts in health, education and infrastructures in the last three years.

“This means this government has worked so hard.  

“You have disturbed your own academic life, failing your parents and sponsors,” Kuman said.

However, the Education Minister is urging the University of Papua New Guinea Academic Senate to reconsider the termination of its 2016 teaching and learning programs.    

TFF Warrants Received for second payment

Education Minister Nick Kuman announced this in Parliament today when responding to questions by the Member for Anglimp South Waghi, Joe Koim.

Koim queried the timely release of funds to schools in his electorate and the delivery of the commodity component of the tuition free fee education.

Koim raised concerns that many schools in his electorate were not happy that teacher and students’ resources did not arrive on time and that schools did not have enough funds to purchase their own as funds also do not arrive on time.

NCD schools urged to return to classes

This follows the suspension of classes due to precautionary measures following the planned nationwide stop work protest by civil society groups today.

Minister for Education Nick Kuman is calling on all heads of schools and institutions to immediately return to classes and not to take heed of information on social media to cancel classes.

Kuman said schools in both NCD and in the other provinces must not give in and be influenced and intimidated by politically-motivated individuals and organisations.