Eat Smart Campaign

Eat Smart Campaign

Eat Smart Campaign brand ambassador, Chef Julz Henao and Pidgin Production conceptualized this campaign with the aim of promoting healthy and nutritional eating in PNG, and this will be achieved by highlighting the ‘Farm to Plate Experience’.

Pidgin Productions Director, Arjun Gyani was grateful on behalf of the Eat Smart Campaign as they can reach farmer networks through PNG Air.

Eat Smart with Trukai

The campaign is aimed at promoting healthy eating choices, by encouraging Papua New Guineans to use simple local produce straight from the land and creating nutritional wholesome meals, values which are aligned with the company’s TruInspiration campaign through its Trukai brand.

Trukai Industries Marketing Manager, Maryanne Tom said this partnership is a progression of the great relationship already in place with the Healthy Food Co’s founder and current Trukai Brand Ambassador, Chef Julz Henao.

CPL Partners With Eat Smart Campaign

The focus aims to educate people on the importance of healthy living and to appreciate the local produce readily available to benefit everyone.

The need to promote better living is imminent in the country as there is an increase in lifestyle diseases like cholesterol, blood pressure, high blood pressure and diabetes.

CPL Group CEO, Navin Raju said the country has an abundance of healthy produce and it can be sourced locally. Every region has a different range of products and when incorporated into a healthy diet, will assist and reduce lifestyle diseases in the country.