East Sepik police

ESP police on alert

East Sepik police boss, Robert Gesa, said despite the state of the island, people need to keep a straight head in this kind of situation.

The PPC has revealed that he has assigned officers to man the Dandan care centre to ensure the flow of peace and law and order from the islanders while they are being looked after.

“Disorderly and unnecessary behavior will not be tolerated by police,” warns Gesa.

He said lives are at stake here and it is important that everyone cooperates in ensuring the smooth flow of movement both at the care centre and around Wewak town.

East Sepik police finalise areas ahead of polling

Provincial Police Commander Peter Philips tells PNG Loop that his command will be meeting with the provincial electoral officers to go over the final logistical and set up of the polling sites.

From this meeting PPC Philips says that he will venture to give the final brief to his personnel who will go into full swing of operations come the polling period.

Presently the province is quiet with no major election related law and order issues to report.

East Sepik police happy with community

Provincial Police Commander Peter Philips told PNG Loop that people have been orderly and  are going about their business as usual  and supporting their candidates that are nominating.

PPC Philips says he is motivated that the province is ready to carry out the 2017 elections given the positive start so far.

Meantime, Philips adds that the current police manpower will be boosted come the polling period.