East Sepik police

ESP police want payment before Maprik by-election

As the year ends and with Maprik by-elections tentatively scheduled for February next year, Tamari says it is time they release the funds now so police can prepare for the by-election.

 “I concluded the Wewak operation fund with literally no funding, and I will not go into this election until and unless the government release the funds,” Tamari said.

He said in every election there are two separate budget - one for the Electoral Commission and one for the police that is given to Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary to coordinate.

Reservist murdered in Wewak

He was new on the job. East Sepik Provincial Police Commander Superintendent Christopher Tamari said police in Wewak are investigating the matter.

According to the police brief, Silva Bunat, 27 from Shagur Village was attacked by 12 people whose identities have been provided to police by locals.

PPC Tamari said it has been alleged that the twelve, after consuming liquor, went to Bunat`s house and attacked him. He was slashed in his neck several times and died.

Police Investigate Deaths In East Sepik

East Sepik police commander Superintendent Albert Beli said the police report alleged that on Monday April 4, 2022 at around 11am, a male nurse mysteriously died at his home. Villagers have labelled it a sorcery-related incident, however police are pursuing an investigation to determine the cause of the health worker’s death.

Police shooting probed

The deceased, Venon Sakayang, was allegedly shot by police and later died at the hospital on Wednesday April 20th, 2022.

East Sepik Provincial Police Commander Superintend Albert Beli said the death of the young man forced frustrated relatives to block off the West Coast Road at Sundaun Market. They demanded police to explain the shooting.

Police arrest murder suspects

According to police in Angoram, six prime suspects have been identified in relation to Epiang’s death. 

Provincial Police Commander Albert Beli said it was alleged that between 5pm and 6pm of Sunday 26 December, Epiang was shot by his enemies at Pangin Village in the Marienberg LLG, following ongoing land disputes.

PPC Beli said the suspect who used the wire catapult has been identified. Police have advised village leaders to bring the person forward so ensure the matter is resolved peacefully.

ESP police on alert

East Sepik police boss, Robert Gesa, said despite the state of the island, people need to keep a straight head in this kind of situation.

The PPC has revealed that he has assigned officers to man the Dandan care centre to ensure the flow of peace and law and order from the islanders while they are being looked after.

“Disorderly and unnecessary behavior will not be tolerated by police,” warns Gesa.

He said lives are at stake here and it is important that everyone cooperates in ensuring the smooth flow of movement both at the care centre and around Wewak town.

East Sepik police finalise areas ahead of polling

Provincial Police Commander Peter Philips tells PNG Loop that his command will be meeting with the provincial electoral officers to go over the final logistical and set up of the polling sites.

From this meeting PPC Philips says that he will venture to give the final brief to his personnel who will go into full swing of operations come the polling period.

Presently the province is quiet with no major election related law and order issues to report.

East Sepik police happy with community

Provincial Police Commander Peter Philips told PNG Loop that people have been orderly and  are going about their business as usual  and supporting their candidates that are nominating.

PPC Philips says he is motivated that the province is ready to carry out the 2017 elections given the positive start so far.

Meantime, Philips adds that the current police manpower will be boosted come the polling period.