East Sepik Govenor Allan Bird

Bird refutes PM’s statement

Speaking in response to the statement, Alternative Prime Minister Allan Bird said: “It’s quite sad that an “Address to the Nation from the PM” hardly addresses any of the struggles our people are currently facing or will face in the future.

“In any other country on earth, their leader would inform the people of how the Government intends to make the people's lives better.

Tribal Foundation Praises Governor Bird

Tribal Foundation thanked the Special Parliamentary Committee on Gender Based Violence, along with Chair, Charles Abel, for hosting the special sessions over the past 10 months. During the public sessions, the Tribal Foundation offered testimony calling for laws to address the greed-filled actions of glasmen and glasmeris. 

Budget Needs Links

Bird made these comments while delivering the committee’s response to the K22 Billion for 2022.

“The committee feels that there needs to be more interaction between the commission, treasury, the Department of National Planning and for better stakeholder engagement in future budget formulations to take into account input from all key stakeholders,” said Bird.

Bird also said that the budget allocations must be aligned with national visions.