East New Britain Regional

Challenge over Konga’s win set for hearing

Petitioner Sir Leo Dion has filed 25 witness statements that will be relied on in the trial while the sitting MP, Konga, has 8 affidavits filed.

Sir Leo is alleging instances of errors and omission at polling against the Electoral Commission in this petition.

Two objections challenging the competency of the petition will be the first order of the day when the 14-day trial commences on April 3. The trial is scheduled to run through to April 20.

Justice Collin Makail today told counsels involved in the petition to work around the timeframe in preparation for trial.

Konga is new ENB governor!

Konga was declared at 9.45pm tonight.

Election manager Joap Voivoi told Loop PNG that Konga gathered 25,030 votes ahead of People’s National Congress Party candidate Leo Dion, who was not far behind with 24,642.

The People's Progress Party member was right at the heels of Dion during the counting and elimination period. He overtook the former Gazelle MP at the final leg of eliminations.

His declaration comes less than 24 hours after fellow PPP member, Emil Tammur, became Kokopo Open's new Member-elect.

COUNTING: ENB Regional progressive result – after elimination 1

The first candidate to go after elimination 1 was Paterl Gerard Waipo (Independent).

The progressive tally:

ENB Regional - after elimination 1