East New Britain Provincial Health Authority (ENBPHA)

Sinivit undergoes Healthy Island Concept training

The programs will ride on the ENB Provincial Government’s ward focus policy.

Sinivit of Pomio District is one LLG that is doing its part to upskill the Ward Development Committees (WDC), through their respective sector sub-committees.

Under the health sector, the LLG’s Environmental Health Officer (EHO), John Piga, recently held a training on the Healthy Island Concept for 13 of the 18 wards.

This is because the other 5 wards are located along the south coast corridor and could not make it due to bad weather.

Newcrest assists ENBPHA

The equipment is to assist the PHA with their preparedness in mitigating the risk of infection during this pandemic and thereby protecting the health workers and wider community.

Newcrest established the Community Support Fund to assist PNG in its response to COVID-19. A large number of Newcrest employees come from East New Britain, and Newcrest is pleased to be able to assist the province at this critical time.