Advise for Easipay customers

In a statement, PPL said: “PNG Power and Digicel PNG expect this to take two weeks and understand this will be an inconvenience for its Digicel customers.

“We urge Digicel customers to buy Easipay credits to last two weeks before Saturday 12 noon or to purchase Easipay credits through the vending sites or to use other mobile vending platforms.

Easipay system shutdown this weekend

Starting from Midday (12.00pm), Saturday June 30 to Midday, Sunday July 1, 2018.

Easipay Customers are encouraged to purchase sufficient Easipay tokens to last through the shutdown period.

PNG Power advises that the upgrade should be completed within the outage period otherwise customers will be alerted.

For more information customers can call the PPL National call center on 70908000 or 7500 8000.


Easipay Customers advised to note issues

This issue is affecting delivery of Easipay Tokens after purchase is done via Digicel Top Up.

Easipay customers who do not receive their Easipay Tokens via SMS must contact the Digicel Customer Care to retrieve their Easypar Tokens.

You can also call the PNG Power Ltd National Call Center on 70908000 or 75008000.

You can also email callcentre@pngpower.com.pg

Manus gets Easipay system

In a statement, PPL said: “This conversion gives Manus customers full purchasing power and puts an end to credit meter billing issues many customers have faced for decades.

“The Easipay conversion project in Manus began on 19 September and PPL will ensure all customers are converted to Easipay.”

As of 28 September, 90 customers have been converted and now have Easipay meters installed in their homes, reveals PPL.

“Manus have nearly 1,295 customers and PPL is looking at installing Easipay meters for all.