VIDEO: DSIP needs cash flow

Deputy Prime Minister and Treasurer, Charles Abel says that is per the supplementary budget. 


Charmaine Poriambep with more 

VIDEO: Look into DSIP funds

This he said must be reasoned out, depending on the verification of cost of service delivery in each district.  


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DSIP to continue until Return of Writs

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill revealed this in parliament today after he was asked by the member for Kavieng, Ben Micah to explain, as many assumed that an Mp’s term in parliament ends at the issue of writs.

Micah also sought answers from the prime minister on Section 27 of the Ombudsman Commission act that calls for all project funds to be frozen until after elections in order to avoid abuse.

Grants are not money for MPs, says Planning Secretary

She made this comment during the 2017 National Budget Press Lock-up on Monday when questioned about how her department deals with MPs writing their names on the vehicles, than stating district development grant.

“The purpose of DSIP is to ensure that each sector in the district is brought up to a stage we want to see them, like improvement to education, health, infrastructure and law and justice,” Harry said.     

The Secretary said, it is common for MPs to print their names on vehicles and her department will need to educate MPs that these are public funds.

Government fair to all districts: Marape

Finance Minister James Marape revealed this today in Parliament in response to Deputy Opposition Leader and Wau-Bulolo MP Sam Basil claims.

Marape said the claims of Opposition MPs not getting their PSIP and DSIP are utterly lies and not true.

“This government has been fair to all district allocation and the indifferences raised by Opposition MPs claiming that they were not getting their funds were utterly nonsense and rubbish.”

DSIP funds keep MPs intact with PM O’Neill, says Sungi

These are the words of Vice Minister for Provincial and Local Level Government Affairs Joe Sungi today during the launching of the department’s 2014-2017 Corporate Plan.

He revealed that members of parliament are not moving to the other side of the house because of the DSIP funds they have been receiving.

“We are not interested on who will become the prime minister but all we are concerned about was the DSIP funds,” says Sungi.

He said if any prime minister wants to change this concept will not be supported.

Schools urged to seek project funding from DSIP

With schools instructed not to collect projects fees from parents, Department of Education suggests that they must be prudent in the management of the Tuition Free Fee that the department allocates.

If there are specific projects that schools would like to undertake then they have to make that submission to the DDA.

Acting education secretary Dr Uke Kombra said schools must seek support from the DSIP as it allocates approximately K2 million every year for education.