Drug Testing

Cops sacked for using meth/cocaine

Manning said learning from this experience, the police department launched the Drug and Alcohol policy yesterday to implement a drug testing program that will held police officers accountable if they are under the influence of illicit or dangerous drugs.

 “If any police officer (is) found under the influence of drug and alcohol they will be put under disciplinary actions and will be sacked,” he said.

Manning said members of the force are the highest paid government employees in the country, but are making (unwise) decisions, spending their money doing illegal activities.

No need for new law: ACP

ACP Ette, when responding to an article in the daily newspapers titled, ‘Law to guide use of new drug machine’, said: “We don’t need a new law. All we need is an internal policy mechanism that will regulate the use of the machine.

“There are laws available to regulate its use, including section 14 of the Police Act, which allows the Police Commissioner to enquire into certain matters at his discretion and that covers all functions of the constabulary.

Skateboarding legend says drug testing would sink sport at 2020 Tokyo Olympics

The International Olympic Committee has announced five sports will be added for the Tokyo games.

One of the sports added will be skateboarding, with 80 athletes set to make their Olympic debut.

Australian skateboarding legend Tas Pappas become number one in the world at the 1996 World Championships.

He has raised doubts over drug testing and how it might affect athletes' performances at the Olympics.

American Samoa considers drug testing public servants

Previous bills for such a requirement have been quickly defeated.

A new bill before the territorial House of Representatives would require government employees, elected officials and independent contractors to submit to drug testing, to be administered by the Human Resources Department.

The measure's preamble says the tests are needed to ensure and enhance the quality of the public service and to maintain the public's trust.