Robots and drones take over classrooms

Some argue that the education this generation of children is receiving is little different from that their parents or even their grandparents had.

But, in a world where artificial intelligence and robots threaten jobs, the skills that this generation of children need to learn are likely to be radically different to the three Rs that have for so long been the mainstay of education.

The BBC went along to the Bett conference in London in search of different ways of teaching and learning.


School robots

Rwanda's hospitals will use drones to deliver medical supplies

Rwanda is partnering with Silicon Valley drone startup Zipline to deliver medical supplies to five of its hospitals. Within a year, they plan to expand the program to nearly half of the country's 45 hospitals. The drones will make up to 150 deliveries a day.

Previously, it took an average of four hours to make an emergency delivery to a hospital. With a drone, those deliveries can be completed in 15 minutes, according to Jean Philbert Nsengimana, Rwanda's minister of information and communication technology.

Rwanda begins Zipline commercial drone deliveries

The operation uses fixed-wing drones that automatically fly to destinations in the central African nation.

They release small packages attached to parachutes without needing to land at the delivery points before returning.

The technology promises to make deliveries much faster than had previously been possible by road.

Zipline - the US start-up running the project - is made up of engineers who formerly worked at Space X, Google, Lockheed Martin and other tech companies.

EU aviation groups want all drones to be registered

The ability to trace nuisance drones back to their owner or pilot would improve compliance with regulations, the groups said in a joint statement.

Near-misses involving drones and aircraft are on the rise - 10 UK cases risked collision this year, according to the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

US users must already register drones weighing more than half a pound (228g).