Female driver arrested, charged

The accident took place opposite the Sir Manasupe Haus at around 4am, resulting in the deaths of three people with five receiving multiple injuries.

“The driver lost control of the vehicle allegedly whilst under the influence of alcohol. The vehicle reportedly overturned three times and claimed the lives of three people,” officer-in-charge of Boroko Traffic Unit, Senior Inspector Joseph Salle, said.

Pursued stolen vehicle in Gerehu ends in disaster

The trio stole a Toyota Camry at Gerehu shopping centre and sped off towards Nine-Mile along the newly constructed freeway road.

Gerehu police chased them towards the Tasion Barracks and were intercepted by a police mobile unit l driving back from Nine-Mile towards Gerehu.

The vehicle which was travelling at high –speed then drove into an oncoming vehicle which caused a major accident. The driver of the high-speed car sustained head injuries, while trying to jump of the vehicle.

Police  at the scene of the accident  are continue further investigations.