Dr Seth Fose

Chief pathologist on Evara’s autopsy

A full autopsy was conducted on the late journalist’s body yesterday. This was upon the coroner’s court order, says chief pathologist, Dr Seth Fose.

They will now prepare for the report that will be ready in two weeks’ time, while preliminary findings will be released to the coroner’s office at the end of this week.

Dr Fose also stressed that there is a possibility of facing difficulties in a full examination or analysis following the autopsy, considering that the body has already been embalmed.

Doctor gives evidence in murder trial

The trial against Erave man Jerry Turi resumed this morning with the state calling the witness, Dr Seth Fose. He is one the chief pathologists in the country.

Dr Fose conducted the autopsy on the deceased, Tapi Max Mekeo, on 22 December 2015 at the Funeral Home. Mekeo died on 17 December 2015.

He gave an outline of the report in court and explained the extent of damage on the deceased, which caused his death.