Dr Joseph Birisi

SHP health authority aims to be reliable

SHPHA Chief Executive Officer, Dr Joseph Birisi, said his health authority would like to lead in information technology to run its health sector conveniently.

Technologies help save time and resources to achieve results and the hospital chief is keen on adapting it into his health system.

“Technology strengthening and system fixing is very important to run effective health systems in the province,” Dr Birisi said.

“It will improve on our clinics, standards and accreditation, transport, human resource and finance."

Hospital CEO brushes aside election rumours

“In my position and in this business of health, there’s no money that we can play around with,” Dr Joseph Birisi said.

“Our budget is tight; we are not a profit making entity.”

He urged those spreading false rumours to stop.

“Many of us sacrifice our time to bring this health service to this state,” Dr Birisi said.

“There must be some appreciation shown; don’t ruin our reputation.”