Dr John Momis

New AROB Chief Secretary challenged to revitalise workers

During the swearing in ceremony this week at the Bougainville Administrative Office, Momis charged Nobetau with energising the public service into an efficient entity that will carry out the prerogatives of the ABG as it moves towards the referendum for Bougainville’s political future.

“We have to energise ourselves and others through heroic ambition, there is no time to mess around we have to lift the bench mark of the performance of the Bougainville Public Service machinery.

Momis encourages all-inclusive consultative approach

ABG President, Dr John Momis made this statement as he welcomed the Parliamentary Bi-partisan Committee on the Referendum chaired by Southern Highlands Governor, William Powi.

Powi was accompanied by Madang Governor, Jim Kas and Nuku MP Joe Sungi to Bougainville recently.

“Both governments should concentrate on how best to engage each other in a transparent and principled manner that is mutually acceptable to both sides and more over beneficial to the people of Bougainville,” said Momis.

Our preparation must be credible and follow democratic principles

ABG President Grand Chief, Dr John Momis made this statement last week to the Bougainville Women Leaders Regional Workshop on the Referendum.

“The first thing that we must worry about is the preparation on the lead up to the Referendum, we must ensure that our preparation is credible and follows democratic principles,” said Momis.

“There are no short cuts to achieving Bougainville’s aspirations to realise a political future that the people desire, only the Bougainville Peace Agreement (BPA) is the way forward for Bougainville,” said Momis.

Momis urges unity

Momis said Bougainvilleans must unite to implement the Bougainville Peace Agreement and the referendum peacefully and let it be a process of integrity.

“Bougainvilleans are a highly favoured people, due to the Bougainville Crises it is only in Bougainville that we have the unique opportunity to develop a new socio-economic political order and determine our own political future,” said Momis.

He added that Bougainvilleans must understand that they must be prepared to accept the consequences of their decisions come the referendum in a couple of years’ time.

ABG on service delivery

Momis says Bougainville has a limited time frame left before it votes for referendum on independence and will he do everything possible to make sure the people are looked after in terms of service delivery.

He says these services include high impact projects like road sealing, bridges, rural electricity as well as social services like education and health.

Momis says peace is really the end result of the people’s meaningful and effective participation in the process of economic, social and political development.