Dr Charles Yala

Government role in ICT must be clear

The call made by NRI Director, Dr Charles Yala, follows the launching of the NRI’s latest report ‘Why are internet rates high in Papua New Guinea?’

“What is the role of the government? A player? A referee? A facilitator or a bit of each?” asks Dr Yala.

“Providing a clear answer to these set of questions will make the work of the regulators easy to define and for the businesses to be clear on their investment opportunities.

Yala calls for stop in land grabbing

Dr Yala also extended the call to the government and warned against the recent proposed amendments to the Land Act 1996 being mooted by the Minister for Lands and Physical Planning Benny Allan.

He said the amendment will see certain segments of the Lands Department whose actions will see customary landowners deprived of their land through continued use of the SABL leases.

Dr Yala added that the proposal to keep the terms of the current SABLs intact, and the idea of increasing the alienation of customary land to 20 percent, constitutes land grabbing.

NRI Director slams SABL systems

Dr Yala in a statement said as exposed by the Commission of Inquiry Report, the SABL system has unnecessarily exposed customary landowners to poverty.

“In recent times, we have witnessed successful cases involving SABL titles being quashed by the courts.”

Dr Yala, when acknowledging the Government for creating the Office of Customary Land Development (OCLD) said  this office, which will report directly to the Minister for Lands and Physical Planning which will facilitate the development of customary land through the Voluntary Customary Land Registration (VCLR) system.

NRI welcomes court’s announcement on land grabbing

A prosecutor at the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague, Netherlands, has announced that people involved in land grabbing and environmental destruction could be tried for crimes against humanity.

NRI, which has long been advocating for safeguarding the interests of landowners said this is welcome news for customary landowners in Papua New Guinea.

NRI: Need to improve land surveyors’ skills in PNG

PNG National Research Institute (NRI) reports that surveyors contribute greatly to building PNG and have an important role to play in the development of customary land and the development of towns and cities.

PNG NRI Director Dr Charles Yala said it is important for land surveyors to learn about the current state-of-the-art technologies in order to effectively carry out their work.

Dr Yala highlighted that the main challenge faced by surveyors is the type of topography in the country, which requires investment in expensive equipment.

The country’s first SME policy is protectionist: NRI

That is the warning from the country’s think tank, the National Research Institute (NRI) Director Dr Charles Yala.

Launched in February, this is the first blue print endorsed by the National Government to grow the sector to 500,000 small businesses by the year 2030.   

 “SME Policy is wrongly articulating Papua New Guinea business development with protectionist policies,” Dr Yala said.

“That is going to kill foreign investment in the country.

NRI supports Lands Minister’s initiative

NRI Director Dr Charles Yala in a statement said it is an opportunity for the people to consult and get involved in the Review of the Land Act 1996.

Dr Yala said, NRI has been closely involved with Land Reform issues in the country for the last 10 years through the National Land Development Program (NLDP).

Hence, there is sufficient experience, which will be used to make a formal submission.

NRI to finalise reports on Universal Basic Education

The reports are focusing on districts and provinces and will centre on three indicators which are access, retention and quality of primary education.

The Institute is now working on completing reports for 2009, 2011, 2013 and 2015, which are long overdue.

NRI director Dr Charles Yala said researchers will focus on collecting data at the provincial and district level to find out trends and how well the education system works at these levels.

Research chief: Make your home an asset

This was the message by National Research Institute  Director, Dr Charles Yala, during a seminar presentation by housing developer, South Pacific Homes.

Dr Yala said a house became an asset only when you had the title to the land and built a home with proper infrastructure and utilities.  

“If you are going to be talking about housing as an asset then the land must be properly planned, they must have all the infrastructure, water, sewerage, and toilet.