Medical cover for public servants

Department of Personnel Management Secretary John Kali said negotiation had already started with the Public Employees Association (PEA).

He said the parties also agreed that insurance cover for public servants will be resolved through an MoU for individual cover.

The parties encourage all public servants to take individual cover with PEA.

WNB rolls out ALESCO payroll system

The Department of Personal Management recently in the province to roll out the Alesco Payroll system.

Deputy Secretary of the department Dr Agnes Friday said it is a milestone achievement for the province.

She said the Alesco automated system is one of the four components of the Human Resource connect programs that are being rolled out to the provinces.

She said the second component is data cleansing and for this program DPM is working in partnership with the Finance Department to ensure that all data for the provinces are cleansed and updated.

Public service slack - Kali

DPM is the employer of all public servants in the country. 

“Public service is yet to deliver services, but my take is to develop the skills and competency to deliver,” Kali said. 

He said converting the PNG Institute of Public Administration to a Government School of Excellence is a step forward.  

“There is now submission before cabinet to transform the PNG IPA to the school of government.

“In my view this is about guiding, developing and refocusing public servants to be competent and skillful.”