Don Pomb Polye

Polye challenge to PM: what is PNG stance on terrorism

Polye’s call comes in the wake of terrorist attacks at the weekend in Paris, France.

Despite security fears following the attack, Mr Polye said PNG had confidence in Paris hosting the international football tournament Euro 2016, citing France being one of the countries which has top security systems.

“We are part of the global community so name calling or alleging its association with each of them would demean our status at the diplomatic front,” said Mr Polye.

K2m released to help Kandep frost victims

This follows a devastating effect by the frost affecting over 72 thousand people.

Kandep MP and Opposition Leader Don Pomb Polye held an urgent District Development Authority meeting over the weekend and released the funds which will go towards helping the affected people.

Mr Poly during the meeting instructed officers from the district to immediately make food supplies available to the affected people.

The funds released will be used to buy mainly rice, flour and cooking oil among other store goods to be distributed to the affected people.