Don Polye

Concerned professionals hit back at Air Niugini

Makop told Loop PNG that the decision was presumptuous and was against certain regulations and principles.

He described the scenario as a sad day for PNG that professional pilots who have contributed greatly to the country's development should be terminated based purely on political speculations.

He added that it will be a subject for the Labour and Industry Department and the judiciary to adjudicate.

Makop claimed that the decision was taken by the Air Niugini management to satisfy their political masters’ need for punitive measures.

Polye: The judiciary is last avenue left for people to seek justice.

Opposition Leader, Don Polye said this while welcoming chief justices and judges from the Pacific to PNG for Pacific Judiciary Conference.

PNG’s judiciary must now learn from both Australia and New Zealand and even smaller island states to deal with these challenges confronting our judiciary system.

Challenges such as having to deal with backlog of court cases and maintaining the independence of judiciary amid threats of political interference is most common in the PNG Judiciary system.

Supreme Court orders re-count of ballot boxes for Kandep

Justices Allen David, Jacinta Murray and Frazer Pitpit in a unanimous decision upheld the two separate Supreme Court Election Petition Reviews that were filed by Don Polye and Alfred Luke Manase.

The three-judge Supreme Court bench quashed order 1 of the National Court Election Petition that set aside Polye’s election as member elect for Kandep.  

The Supreme Court also ordered the Electoral Commission to conduct a re-count of the ballot papers within the next 30 days.

Two-day Kandep Open trial starts in Supreme Court

The consolidated Election Petition Reviews were filed by political rivals, Don Polye and Alfred Luke Manase. Both contested for the Kandep open seat in the 2012 General Elections.

The trial will come before Justices Allan David, Jacinta Murray and Frazer Pitpit for hearing today and tomorrow (Aug 15 and 16).

On July 4 the same bench stayed the National Court’s decision to set aside Polye’s election as member elect for Kandep Open on May 2, pending the determination of the substantive reviews.

Obura-Wonenara MP joins Opposition

On Wednesday, another MP in the backbench has defected from the government ranks and joined the Opposition camp.

Opposition Leader Don Polye, on behalf of the coalition leaders in the camp, welcomed Obura-Wonenara MP Merra Minne Kipefa into the camp.

Polye said they were happy that their number was swelling each day.

“He doesn’t represent an urban district in but an isolated area in Eastern Highlands.

Alotau trip funded through Government coffers, Opposition alleges

In a media conference this afternoon in Port Moresby, Opposition leader Don Polye claimed that he has evidence that the money totaling up to more than K110 million, coming from government coffers, was used to fund the Alotau Camp.

He called on Prime Minister Peter O’Neill to come out clear and explain where that money came from to fund the camp.

Polye described such an exercise by O’Neill as ‘enticement and bribery’, clouding the members of parliament’s conscience.

Opposition numbers increase as PPP and NG parties move

Parliament special sitting this afternoon was adjourned for seven days after the Speaker advised the House on the VONC motion filed by Deputy Opposition Leader Sam Basil.   

The special parliament sitting was directed by the Supreme Court on Tuesday after the Government on June 8, adjourned Parliament to August, however, the next day; the Opposition filed the motion on the VONC.

Poyle is the alternative prime minister in the motion.

Review books prepared for Kandep case

The matter came for directions on Thursday afternoon before the Supreme Court where instructions were issued for parties.  

Lawyers for Don Polye and Alfred Luke Manase will prepare a consolidated review book for both Supreme Court election petition reviews.

A hearing date will be set after next Monday for this review, which has been placed among cases to be fast tracked or prioritised by the Supreme Court.

Opposition raises concern on Parliament proceedings

The Opposition Leader in a media conference this afternoon said it is likely the Speaker will be introducing the Vote of no-confidence and the Members will debate and vote on it at the same time.

He said as per the Standing Orders of Parliament proceedings, it requires seven days when the vote of no-confidence is introduce for MPs to deliberate on.

He said the Opposition is ready to take the matter to court if this happens tomorrow.

Opposition set up camp

Opposition leader Don Polye revealed this at a press conference in Port Moresby.

However, the venue has not been mentioned.

He said the main aim of the camp was to give chance to other members of Parliament to join them and throw down the O'Neill-Dion government.

Polye said he is confident that MPs will be joining them within the five days.

Meanwhile, Parliament have been set to reconvene this Friday at 2pm after the Court ordered the Speaker Theo Zurenuoc to recall parliament within 5 days.